Rafael Lam's Roma Vacation - video clip part II



Here is the second part video clip of my Roma Vacation. This time I used a better quality HD video,

I hope that everybody like it! I will continue making more video clips later!


  1. 用短片來做成的slide show 很好看...

  2. Anonymous30/3/10 18:32

    Ha ha... You're getting addicted now!
    Are you going to buy a Mac soon?

    Good idea to present your photos, with music!
    I love Lisa Ono.

  3. Thanks uLi! I'm glad you like it! ^.^

  4. 多謝山哥哥欣賞! 只係簡單的slide show 點算係天才...
    大家喜歡就已經好滿足了! ^.^

  5. Thanks London Caller, I also love the songs of Lisa Ono!
    I will think about to get a Mac, but not now...
    I'm interesting the i-pad too! ^.^

  6. Anonymous31/3/10 00:06


    Roderick MA

  7. Thank you very much Roderick MA!

  8. wow幾中意咁睇
    你搞到我愈黎愈想去喇 :p

  9. Anonymous31/3/10 06:18

    I-Pad is cool but it's not very practical for work.
    It's good for fun and entertainment.

    I listen to Bossa Nova a lot. I think Portuguese is so sweet!
    But my brain can't no longer take any new language anymore. Ha ha...
    Even if I have to, I'd probably take Spanish. It's more useful than Portuguese. Ha, ha!

    I don't know what's wrong with your comment ID info with my new blog layout. It should be fine as usual. I just changed my layout from black to white. Ha ha... I always change my layout, so often like I change my clothes.

  10. Very nice! Is this made with I-Movie as well?
    I-Pad will be out in my area next Saturday! :)

  11. To Kay,
    愈期待愈美麗, 其實我都等左好耐先有機會去羅馬架! ^.^

  12. To London Caller,
    I will see how the people say about the I-Pad first,
    but it is very interesting when I watch the review...

    Spanish is very similar to Portuguese, may be it's more useful in Europe,
    but you can use Portuguese in South America...

    I just can't save my info in your blog,
    need to type it, I remember it's automatic before...
    Your blog is nude now, I didn't expect you took out your clothes... @_@

  13. Thanks Kay, london caller & micki, why my replies were disappear...?
    I will reply it again tonight...

  14. To micki,
    Yes, I made this video with i-movie too,
    you ordered the I-Pad online? please make a review in your blog! ^.^

  15. Nope, I did not reserve an I-Pad. However, according to the Apple store that we can reserve one in the store, and pick it up this Saturday. I would like to actually play it before buy it. I-Pad does not play Flash which is a minus for me, but it all depends what we need :) :)

  16. Actually I'm not a IT follower, but I think this new product will make all the Apple fans crazy again!
    I will concern the perfomance and the functions, so before buy it also want to play it first! ^.^

  17. hi, i only realized ur comment on my blog.. (it's actually 5 months ago) hahaaa
    nice to meet ya =]

  18. Hi yukari w. kalily! Thanks for your comment,
    nice to meet you too! ^.^

  19. ddddthanks for dropping by my blog... was travelling hence no time to update anything.

    sa you beautiful pics in italy! love it....make me wanna go again... love the fish eye!

  20. Thanks Lily Riani, I'm looking forward to see your new travel experience posts!
    Rome is really beautiful, I also wanna go there again someday! ^.^

  21. great collection to reflect upon! what program do u use to make ur videos.. i like the film border. but noticed that some of ur photos are less sharp when in the video, compared to when u post them up in the blog. btw your blue skies - do u ever increase the saturation? or they are always so blue!

  22. Thanks lechua, I use the i-movie for making my videos, it's easy and convenient,
    because the video was compressed with youtube, some pictures aren't so sharp on the movement,
    but the quality is already very good, I think is acceptable...
    I set the color saturation +1 for 450D and -2 for 5D mark II,
    because the contrast is very strong with 5DII, the sky always comes with dark blue,
    for take the blue sky need to get the right time and get the good lights! ^.^

  23. Anonymous10/4/10 05:32

    Hello Rafeal!
    Did you have a good Easter break?
    I went to Holland for about a week.
    It was okay - the weather was terrible. Rainy and cloudy.
    But on my last day it was fair?! Ha ha...

  24. I really like those songs you used in your website. Can you please tell me who the singer is? Thanks, much appreciated.

  25. To London Caller,
    Wow! You're so happy living in Europe!
    Holland is a beautiful and nice place for me,
    so did you took many pictures on your trip? ^.^
    I only went to Hong Kong on my Easter holidays...

  26. To ahson,
    Thank you very much! I'm glad everytime hear people like my website and blogs! ^.^
    Most of the songs are from Lisa Ono, Enya and Enigma,
    I choose some songs suitable for my pictures! ^.^

  27. -2 saturation setting for your 5D Mark II? u mean at its zero, the saturation is so high that u need to decrease it?

  28. Yes, if using Canon L lens with 5D Mark II the contrast and saturation will be very strong,
    need to decrease the colors specially shooting portrait...


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