Macau - Largo do Senado


雖然拍得不是很好, 但我都很享受拍攝和製作過程,希望大家會喜歡!

This is the first film I made in Macau, Largo do Senado is the most busy avenue in Macau,
you can see the many ancient portuguese architecture here.

Because this is the first time I made a series of films, there are many things I have not noticed.
Although the film is not very good, but I enjoy filming and the production process, hope you enjoy it!


  1. Anonymous10/4/10 17:14

    Those buildings look a bit Georgian to me. ;-)
    The pavement reminded me of Lisbon.

    I saw your Tourism Board in the square too.
    It must be a popular tourist spot!

  2. To London Caller,
    I like the portuguese architecture style too,
    the pavement are the same in Portugal,
    all the black and white stones were bring from Portugal! ^.^
    Yeah, there have many people visit all the time!

  3. To eugene,
    Thank you very much for appreciation! ^.^

  4. Bravo! Thanks for showing the night life of Largo do Senado in film! Did you film this with a small camcorder or a camera? I have noticed that people passing by you did not even look at you or aware of you were filming..just like a pre-set scene, very nature!

  5. Thanks micki, I used the 5D mark II for made this film,
    I was very surprise people didn't scare my camera,
    some of them near shocking on me when I was passing through...
    May be have many people carrying DLSR in Largo do Senado,
    and usually people looking at the view finder to taking pictures,
    I think they didn't know I was filming...

  6. ur cam resolution so good and sharp. i didnt like sanado that much but ur pics make it look nicer somehow.

  7. Thanks Lily Riani, probably have too much people around the Largo do Senado at the day time,
    at night is more beautiful there! ^.^

  8. Anonymous11/4/10 22:24

    I might visit Macau again..sometime in the future.

  9. Thanks Mei Teng, welcome to Macau! ^.^

  10. Hey Rafael,
    I'll be there in just another 50+ hours. =)

  11. NO wonder u missing for sometime already...hehe! PLay with videography ya :) Nice one~

  12. Hi Cheryl-Jiaween! Oh really? At day time will be too many people,
    must visit and take pictures there at night! ^.^

  13. Thanks uLi, I went to HK at Easter holidays,
    I was so lazy to write new post,
    but I will start posting some new pictures! ^.^

  14. A very good blog, excellent photos.
    Congratulations and best regards from Barcelona (Spain).

  15. 嘈媽媽14/4/10 07:45

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  16. Hi Albert Lázaro-Tinaut! Your blog is great too!
    Thanks for your regards! ^.^

  17. 原來嘈媽媽,好爸爸和乖女女都在復活節來了澳門, 龍騰真係好精彩架!
    其實仲有其實好節目, 如最新的澳門科學館3D電影, 有時間我介紹一下啦! ^.^
    好多朋友都話我知, 全條片最鍾意係我整鏡頭的一幕,
    初時仲係度諗我洗唔洗出場, 如果自我介紹一下一定仲攪笑! ^.^

  18. I like Macau very much!

    I write poems.Come to

    Niece to know you.

    Maria luísa


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