Snow in Macau... Merry X'mas

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聖誕快樂! 哈哈, 不要看了標題和照片, 以為澳門真的落雪了...

其實只是跟大家開玩笑, 這些都是用手機的特別效果拍出來!

不過12月的澳門真的很冷, 加上漂亮的燈飾, 真的很有聖誕氣氛。

Merry Christmas! Haha, don't only read the title and see the photos,

and think Macau really have snow... In fact, I'm just joking with you,

these are the special effects shot by a mobile phone!

But Macau is really cold in December, with beautiful lighting,

the atmosphere is really great in Christmas.

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