Shanghai Expo 2010

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Dear all, I just came back from Shanghai! Now I will prepare for my next trip to Phuket!

I want to share the great experience I had with you at the Shanghai Expo.  There were so many people...

This is the video I made! I will share more pictures after my holidays!

Night Street

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現代城市總是有一個特色, 就是到了夜晚依然燈火通明。

城市人每日都忙忙碌碌, 入夜後又是一日的另一個開始。

雖然人和車都在夜街中穿梭, 但仍是有一種安靜的感覺。

There is always a characteristic of the modern city. It is to remain illuminated at night.

City people are busy every day, night is day after another began.

Although have many cars and people in the night streets, but there is still a tranquil feeling.
(All pictures were taken with Canon EOS-5D Mk II + EF 135mm f/2.0 L USM)

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A cool summer drink

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This year appears to have a particularly hot summer.
High temperatures have been recorded all around the world.

We all need a glass of cool summer drink, I hope you will like it.

今年的夏天好像特別熱似的, 世界各地都錄得高溫。

大家都需要一杯清涼的夏季飲品, 希望大家會喜歡。

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The beauty of clouds

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Have anything always change every time you see it?


I think that only the clouds in the sky.


I still believe that one day I can touch it!

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Lotus Flowers of Macau - Senado Square

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新馬路(Avenida Almeida Ribeiro)議事亭前地(Largo do Senado)是澳門的地標,
因此在這裡經常人山人海, 而且有很多活動擺設和節日裝飾。
其實我覺得最簡單的新馬路是最漂亮的, 在夏天的時候這裡會有少量荷花擺設,

因為我工作的地方就在新馬路附近, 每年6至7月份都會見到很多人在這裡影荷花。
所以我會都提早上班, 順道在新馬路議事亭前地拍照, 早上的新馬路陽光普照,
天色非常之漂亮, 而且早上荷花開得特別靚, 加上行人不多, 可以慢慢享受拍攝的樂趣。
這在裡種分享這兩年我在新馬路拍到的荷花, 希望大家會喜歡!

Senado Square of Avenue Almeida Ribeiro is the landmark of Macau, so often have huge crowds here,
 furthermore here have many activities setting and holiday decorations. In fact, I think the simplest is the most
 beautiful, here in the summer will have some lotus decorations, in the summer here is even more beautiful!

Because I work nearby Avenue Almeida Ribeiro, I saw many people were shooting the lotus here around
 June and July. I had to go work earlier, to get the opportunity for taking pictures in Senado Square,
in the sunny morning, the sky was very beautiful, and the lotus bloom especially pretty in the morning,
with few pedestrians, you can enjoy the fun of shooting . Here are the lotus pictures I took in the passed
 two years, I want to share with you all, I hope everybody like it!

pic. 1

Lung Kwu Tan 龍鼓灘

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Macau has a famous beach called Hac Sa Beach. The sand there is black.

I found out that Hong Kong has a black sand beach too,
called Lung Kwu Tan and it’s located near Tuen Mun!

The sand in Lung Kwu Tan is black, and it reminds me of Macau’s Hac Sa Beach.

Most people would probably go to Butterfly Bay Beach,
so there weren’t many people at Lung Kwu Tan.

It feels very relaxing there. You can also climb to the
Lung Kwu Tan observation deck and enjoy the scenery!

在澳門有一個有名的沙灘叫黑沙海灘, 因為那裡的沙都是黑色的。

原來香港都有一個黑色沙的海灘, 它就是位於屯門附近的龍鼓灘!

龍鼓灘的沙全是黑色的, 特別令我想起澳門黑沙海灘。

可能大多數人都會去屯門蝴蝶灣海灘, 因此來到龍鼓灘的人不多。


pic. 1

Lung Kwu Tan

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