Penag - George Town Heritage Part I

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再次來到喬治城, 感覺煥然一新!

因為很多建築都經過修復, 美麗多了!



This is my second time to visit to Penang,

Came to George Town once again, feel brand new!

Because a lot of buildings have been restored, so beautiful!

There are many memorable cultural heritage,

Let's enjoy it!

Penang – Bukit Bendera

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在復活節假期, 我到了檳城和浮羅交怡旅遊。

這次也拍了不少照片, Bukit Bendera檳城山

是我喜歡的其中一個地方, 現在分享一些照片吧!

During the Easter holidays, I went to Penang and Langkawi.

I also took a lot of photos in this trip, the Bukit Bendera Penang Hill

is one of the places that I like, here are some pictures I want to share!

pic. 1

The cable car (train) in Bukit Bendera, Penang Hill

Enjoy Melaka

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吉隆坡的旅程當中, 還到了一個很特別的地方, 就是馬六甲!



城市廣場在往前一點,即是聖保羅山,這裏是葡萄牙的 A'FAMOSA 聖地牙哥城



When I went to KL, I also visited a very special place - Melaka (Malacca)!

Melaka was a colony of the Portuguese, Dutch and British.

Melaka's historical heritage is located in the Town Plaza,

near the fountain along the river.

In front of the Town Plaza,  is St. Pauls Hill. This is where the Portuguese

A'FAMOSA San Diego Fort and St. Paul's Church is.

You can also find a number of temples and mosques in the Old Town.

Melaka is really a very unique place!

pic. 1

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