Capoeira video clip

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I know have many readers want to see the video of Capoeira.

This is the video clip of Capoeira I made, is a bit late but I hope you like it!

Id like to say a big and special thank you to Josephine.

Capoeira Part III

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Music is the most important element of Capoeira.

They are singing during their performance.

Let's learn this Afro-Brazilian art from their music!

I can see you're flying! What is this song and art of fighting!

Bem-te-vi vôou, vôou Bem-te-vi vôou, vôou Deixa voar

Lá lauê lauê lauê lauê Lá lauê lauê lauê lauê

Que som o que arte é essa de luta e brincadeira

Que roda maravilhosa é essa é o Batuque Capoeira

Em cada som, em cada toque em cada ginga, tem um estilo de jogo

Em cada som, em cada toque em cada ginga, tem um estilo de jogo

Lauê lauê lá... Lá lauê lauê lauê lauê

pic. 1

Are you ready?

Capoeira Part II

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Here have more Capoeira action pictures in the open roda in the Westin Resort Macau!

They were singing and dancing, this was a very exciting performance!

If you want to know more about Capoeira or want to learn it, here is the link to the Group

Axe Capoeira de Macau 澳門巴西戰舞 - Mestre Eddy Murphy in the Facebook:


pic. 1

Singing and dacing like fighting is the charateristic of the Capoeira!

Capoeira Part I

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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance.

My friend Josephine is a Capoeira student, so I had a opportunity to watch and take photos of their

lesson and performance. They were following the music and dancing! It was very interesting and exciting!

pic. 1

Capoeira training in the Westin Resort, Coloane, Macau

The China National Day Dinner

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I was glad that I celebrated a China National Day Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

The 1st of October was also my friend's birthday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday at the Four Seasons.

Everything was so perfect! We celebrated at the Caprice, a Michelin star restaurant.

Finally we went to poolside to watch the China National Day fireworks display!

pic. 1

Caprice in Four Seasons Hotel, with three Michelin stars, offers authentic French cuisine

The China National Day Fireworks Display, Hong Kong

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On the 1st of October - China National Day, I went to the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong

for my friend's birthday dinner. I also watched the beautiful China National Day fireworks

 over Victoria Harbor from the Four Seasons pool area. This is the video I took. I hope you like it!

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