The China National Day Dinner

I was glad that I celebrated a China National Day Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

The 1st of October was also my friend's birthday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday at the Four Seasons.

Everything was so perfect! We celebrated at the Caprice, a Michelin star restaurant.

Finally we went to poolside to watch the China National Day fireworks display!

pic. 1

Caprice in Four Seasons Hotel, with three Michelin stars, offers authentic French cuisine

pix. 2 & 3

National Day Dinner Menu

pix. 4 & 5

The interior of the Caprice

pic. 6

Great view in the Caprice restaurant

pic. 7

A special starter

pic. 8

Some bread for starter

pic. 9

Another nice appetizer

pic. 10

The first course was Marinated Scottish Salmon
Schrencki Caviar, Green Apple, Cucumber, Oyster and Sake Vinaigrette

pic. 11

The first course came with toast

pic. 12

Escargot Petit Gris Velouté
Aromatic Parsley and Snail Fritots

pic. 13

Fondant Leek and Crayfish Cannelloni in Nantua Sauce

pic. 14

Line Caught Pollack
Brandade Pastilla, Poivrade Artichokes and Lemon Confit in Barigoule Nage

pic. 15

pic. 16

Roast Wild Duck
Autumn Toast, Brussels Sprouts and Quince in Spices Infusion

pic. 17

Grapefruit Delight
Macadamia Nut Croustillant, Pepper Citrus and Yoghurt Ice Cream

pic. 18

A special brithday's dessert, this was so nice!

pic. 19

A nice coffee at the final

pic. 20

Very nice coffee

pix. 21 & 22

After dinner we went to poolside to watch the China National Day fireworks display!

pic. 23

The China National Day fireworks display

pic. 24

Beautiful National Day fireworks

pic. 25

Beautiful National Day fireworks


  1. 很華麗的環境,

  2. 難得是朋友生日又是國慶, 所以貴一點都值得!
    國慶日在澳門好多餐館都沒開, 所以去香港會比較好,
    而且還可以欣賞煙花! 當然食物真的非常一流!

  3. 简单的杯子都能拍得那么华丽,很精致的菜单....我还在学如何拍出这样的照片,但我的DSLR好像只能当普通相机一样拍照.....你的照片好入神哦....

  4. the glass pic looks goldy rich! love it. and i am always impressed by your food photography, a skill that yet to take charge. envy you! great shots!

  5. 多謝Winnt的欣賞, 只要多練習, 多了解相機和鏡頭就會好容易比到理想的照片,
    我的幾位BLOG友都拍得很好, San也是高手, 可以多問我們!

  6. Thanks Lily Riani! I'm glad that you like these pictures!
    I believe you can also take nice pictures in the future!

  7. wow 原來 4season 風景咁好
    我係眼中 四季 = 好貴

  8. 四季 = 四個貴嗎, 哈哈! 不過食物品質就真係一流!
    加上又可以睇到國慶煙花, 好開心可以食到咁難忘的晚餐!

  9. Anonymous8/10/10 11:03


  10. Wonderful photos and very delicious :) Best wishes :)

  11. Delicious and very intricate!
    But also quite small in portion!
    You might feel hungry later! Ha ha...

  12. 係呀Jackie大師, 真係好好味好正! 好難忘的晚餐!

  13. Thanks W drodze, I'm glad that you like the photos!
    Best wishes for you too! ^^

  14. Thanks London Caller! Acutally I was quite full
    after this meal, although every dishes were small...
    All dishes were absolutely delicious!

  15. Fine dining and amazing firework pictures, it looks like you enjoyed the evening. Nice work.

  16. wow wow wow wow wow wow....
    looking at those food... like seeing pieces of fine art!! well i wanna watch fireworks!!

  17. Thanks J_on_tour@jayzspaze! Yes, it was a great
    dinner and evening!

  18. Yes Fufu, I was thinking the UK TV series "Masterchef"
    when I saw these beautiful food,
    they were abosulutely delicious!!

  19. Ciao Rafael, dine with such elegance and refinement, surrounded by a stunning panorama like the one that shows your beautiful photo means really enjoy the essence of food!
    Have a excellent week end!

  20. Ciao Sciarada! Yes, the panorama view and food were so perfect!
    Have a nice weekend for you too!

  21. What an elegant dinner and celebrate it on a special day of the country! I just got back from China and Taiwan as well. I did not have the access to the Blogger while I was in China. How do you manage to do that? need your tips for that! thanks!:)

  22. Thanks micki, that was a unforgettable dinner!
    I couldn't access to the Blogger and Facebook
    when I was in Shanghai too... I think need a
    special program to do that...
    Btw, I'm waiting for your pictures from China!

  23. Thanks! Here is the China trip photos in my Flickr
    Hope you will enjoy them! :)

  24. Thanks Micki, your photos are great!
    I spceially like the Chengdu and Yellow Mountain!

  25. Really! You have a very small stomach!
    I probably will fell hungry afterwards.
    Maybe I have worms in my belly!! Ha ha!

    You food photos always make me feel hungry!
    You should post some Macao traditional food next time!
    I heard that African Chicken from Macao is very yummy. :)

  26. Your'll be happy if you're coming to Macau!
    Macau have many nice food, Portguese Chicken
    is one of my favorite too!
    African Chicken is a bit spicy, Portuguese
    Chicken they will make it with coconut juice,
    very tasty!!

  27. WOW! Caviar!!!! YUM!

    I noticed the food portion is kinda small. I need at least four rounds of servings. GULP :)

    First picture is BEAUTIFUL! The sparkle!

  28. Thanks Alex! Yeah, the Caviar was so tasty!

    I'm glad that you like my pictures and these food!

    I will keep taking good photos to share here!

  30. A két tűzijátékos képek tetszenek legjobban.
    De a többi is jó.


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