Capoeira Part I

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance.

My friend Josephine is a Capoeira student, so I had a opportunity to watch and take photos of their

lesson and performance. They were following the music and dancing! It was very interesting and exciting!

pic. 1

Capoeira training in the Westin Resort, Coloane, Macau

pic. 2

Some Hong Kong and Macau students were listen to the Master from Hong Kong

pix. 3 & 4

Capoeira training

pix. 5 & 6

pix. 7 & 8

pix. 9 & 10

pix. 11 & 12

Some hard exercise

pix. 13 & 14

The Capoeira Master of Macau

pix. 15

A Capoeira course for the kids

pic. 16

The kids were training Capoeira

pix. 17 & 18

The kids were having fun!

pic. 19

Need to train the hard pose

pix. 20 & 21

The jump training for the kids

pic. 22


pix. 23 & 24

The kids were doing so good!


  1. That is very interesting! Is this the music they are exercising with? I love Pix15. That kid is just too cute!

  2. Thanks micki, this is one of the musci they will use.
    Have many Capoeira music during their training
    and performance!
    That kid in the pic.15 is really cute!

  3. Nice photos! I have heard about it before. I like the routine. It's very interesting.

  4. Thanks TK! Capoeira is very interesting,
    but I think it's very hard to me...
    Those kids were doing so good!

  5. 在音樂下舞動起來

  6. 多謝San哥哥欣賞! 照片都是在澳門拍的,

  7. I do love the dynamism in these photos - literally alive and well, kicking!

  8. hey,第九張乜都無做都post上黎家@.@
    if u want to hav more information, u can seach the AXE CAPOEIRA DE MACAU in facebook.

  9. this art is great!
    your beautiful photos shows perfectly, the picture #15 is my favorite!
    Bye !!

  10. Capoeira, this is new to me,pic 19 kid is so adorable,let's the kid take part to those outdoor activities, bask in the sun is better than stay in the greenhouse.....great Macau

  11. Thanks The Nomadic Pinoy! Still have more action photos,
    I will show them in the next post!

  12. To Jo, 因為得一張影到妳個樣, 其他都係影到妳背面...
    仲有兩輯相未出, 到時再問妳攞多D資料...

  13. Thanks Mahon! I agree with you, Capoeira is a great art!
    I'm glad that you like my pictures!

  14. d細路仔個個又靚又叻 :p

  15. Thanks Winnt! I will ask my friend more information about Capoeira,
    so I can tell you more...
    Those kids are lovely! This is a great activity for them!

  16. 係呀Kay, 果D動作好高難度! 真係連我都做唔到...

  17. Very Well done, and beautiful action-pictures

  18. I always forget how to spell the word, "Capoeira"! Ha ha...
    The saw time I saw the performing in the public was actually 3 weeks ago in Nice, France!!! Ha

  19. Thanks Tommy Andre Nekkoy! Will have more
    action pictures on the next posts, I hope
    you'll like it!

  20. Thanks London Caller! I will try to introduce more about Capoeira!
    Their performance are great too!

  21. Explain more to us, hope adult can learn this martial art also....i find it is hard than yoga and pilates lol..but all these can strengthen our spine

  22. Actually I don't know much about Capoeira,
    but I can ask my friend Josephine about it...
    Have many adults in the course, so this is
    a good exercise for anyone!
    Have a group in facebook call "AXE CAPOEIRA DE
    MACAU", you can join them if your're interesting!

  23. This art, here we call it (play Capoeira) A product of my country that I am very proud and thrilled me because I practiced.
    A masterful story of a great professional photo as you click. Best regards

  24. Thanks tossan, play Capoeira is a great art!
    I'm glad that you like my photos!

    Best regards

  25. nice pictures! i gotta see if i can go learn capoeira, even a little bit or just watching the training or what one day...since i am here in brazil hohoho

  26. to Winnt:
    if u want to hav more information about the AXE CAPOEIRA DE MACAU, u can looking the info of there group in facebook,and u also can leave a message to there administrador, tks.

  27. Thanks FuFu! Yes you shall learn it!
    Don't forget to take some pictures or videos
    if you to to watch the Capoeira in Brasil!

  28. Thanks for your information Josephine!
    I will put the link of AXE CAPOEIRA DE MACAU in
    the next post for someone want to know more
    about Capoeira!

  29. thanks thanks Josephine and Rafael, i find then when Rafael asked to check the fb group, i have found there is capoeira group in singapore too, so maybe i will take part of this martial art when i back from other places next year......thank you so much....

  30. You're welcome Winnt! Hope you can learn Capoeira soon!

  31. Hey Rafael, this part 1 of capoeira looks more like street breakdancing --> the battles :)

    Nice coverage! My favorites are the kids' capoeira :) I think the kiddos LOVE IT!

  32. Thanks Alex! Capoeira is special dance combines
    by many elements, martial arts and music, the kids love it!

  33. awww the kids must be enjoying themselves... prob easier for them to pick up as they're usu more flexible at that age

  34. Yeah lechua, Capoeira is easier for the kids!
    I think it's so hard for me to do these exercises!


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