Phuket Holidays (Part II)

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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

You’ll know this word if you’re Malaysian.

The 31st of August is Independence Day for Malaysia.

The Malaysians will have Merdeka month to celebrate it their Independence.

I also celebrated my birthday today!

I will share some pictures of my birthday dinner in the coming post!

Phuket Holidays (Part II)

Patong Beach is around 15-20 minutes from Phuket Town by taxi.

There are two big shopping malls called Jungceylon and Robinson s Mall.

There is a food street with many restaurants, pubs and bars!

I had a very nice relaxing day in Patong!

pic. 1

Jungceylon is the biggest shopping mall in Patong

Phuket Holidays (Part I)

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I went to Phuket after visiting the Shanghai Expo for my remaining holidays.

After the busy trip of Shanghai I was getting tired. I decided to relax more in this trip.

I didn't took many pictures during this trip. I was enjoying my shopping and eating in Phuket!




pic. 1

Sometimes had a shower in Phuket but usually was sunny

Manila Tragedy

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The Philippines is a corrupt country and the police extort money from whoever they can...

It happened to me when I went to Manila in 2009. A traffice cop stopped my taxi,

 took the driver's license and demanded money from the taxi driver who in turn asked me.

 I couldn't believe it and I just got out of the taxi and waved down another driver.

 The policeman realised that I wasn't going to give any money and he gave the taxi driver's license back.

On the 23th of the August, 8 people died in the bus hijacking, kids lost their parents…

The police smashed the windows of the bus just to cover the letters that

 the kidnapper wrote instead of trying to save the hostages first.

Phuket Cultural Centre

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Phuket Cultural Centre provides an exciting comprehensive sample of the life

and culture of all parts of Thailand with their special attractions and unique life-style.

In the theatre you will find the old Thai culture, Thai material arts,

Thai classical dances and Phuket island's native culture.

Their cultural performers will present examples of the culture of all parts of the kingdom -

but with the emphasis on the unique aspects of Phuket and the south.

You will thrill to the long pole fighting and the Thai boxing; you will be charmed by Thai

classical dances from 4 regions of Thailand and you can join the dancers in the "Ramwong folk dance".

The "Bai Sri Soo Kwan" is a unique welcome ceremony. The victory Sa Bat Chai Drum and parade,

amazing southern show and the colourful island dance will leave you with warm meomories of their culture.

Shanghai Expo Highlights (Part II)

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To view the Expo at night is the most spectacular time to be there. When all the pavilions turn on their lights!

It’s an amazing scene! You see and get a feel for the unique designs of each pavilion
and of the different countries. It’s like being in a City of the future!

I went to Expo Boulevard to take some night shots.

The China pavilion is the most attractive one. The Macau pavilion is like the moon orbiting around the earth.
It makes the China pavilion more brilliant!

Of all the pavilions I went to, I recommend the Theme pavilion!

It includes the Urbanian pavilion, the pavilion of the City Being and the pavilion of the Urban Planet.

You can see some awesome light effects and a 360-degree movie that you view on the ceiling.









pic. 1

Shanghai Expo


Shanghai Expo Highlights (Part I)

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The Shanghai Expo is like a big amusement park!

There are so many things to see. You need to spend a lot of time there to see everything.

You also need to queue up! I decided to go to those pavilions that didn’t have long queues.

I guess I made the right decision. I managed to get into the pavilions and I saw many cool things!






Shanghai Expo 2010

夜上海 Shanghai Nights

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上海的夜晚真的令人印象深刻, 而我覺得最難忘的就是外灘和南京路的

西式古建築! 當華燈亮起時, 它們份外華麗壯觀, 令上海這個不夜城更顯魅力。

當大家在外灘步行時, 可以看到新舊建築的對比, 真是色彩斑斕而且充滿震撼力!

外灘的古建築正代表著上海過去的輝煌, 令我想起一些老上海紫醉金迷的畫面。

而對岸的浦東就代表著上海現在的繁榮, 成為上海歌舞昇平的新天地。

The Shanghai nights were really impressive. The old western-style buildings in
the Bund and along Nanjing Road were architecturally very special for me!

When the lights were turned on, the buildings were gorgeous and spectacular and
they made Shanghai even more charming and attractive.

When you walked around the Bund you could compare the old buildings
with the new constructions. They were really colorful and impressive!

The ancient buildings in the Bund of Shanghai represents the past splendid,
reminds me of some old images of Shanghai.

Pudong on the other side of Shanghai represents the present prosperity,
as Shanghai's new area of brilliant night life.

pic. 1

Nanjing Road, Shanghai


Shanghai Day and Night 上海的日與夜

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這次是第二次來到上海, 除了可以參觀上海世博,

也可以一再次看到上海的夜景, 相信是我看過最漂亮的城市夜景!

今次也見證了上海的高速發展, 有很多摩天大廈都是從前沒見過的。

在日間看到的上海, 已經是多麼繁華的城市。

入夜後華燈初現更顯華麗, 上海的夜景絕對令人難忘!

由於這次旅程正是上海的夏季, 夜晚外出特別覺得清涼,

所以這次拍了特別多夜景, 希望大家會喜歡。

This is the second time that I visited Shanghai, besides to visit the Shanghai Expo,

I also can see once again a beautiful night view of Shanghai,

I believe this is the most beautiful city night scenery!

This time I also witnessed the rapid development of Shanghai,

there are many skyscrapers were not seen before.

During the day in Shanghai, you recognize how prosperous is the city.

The early night was even more gorgeous when the lights turn on,

Shanghai night scenery is absolutely unforgettable!

Since this trip was Shanghai's summer, was particular cool to go out at night,

I specially took more night shots, I hope all of you will like the pictures.

pic. 1

Shanghai city view during the day


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