Birthday Dinner in Oyster & Wine Bar Sheraton Hong Kong

今年我到了蠔酒吧慶祝生日(8月31日), 非常滿意這裡的晚餐!


這裡的不單止食品十分出色, 更能俯瞰維港全景。

一邊品嚐美食一邊看幻彩詠香江, 真是雙重享受。希望大家喜歡照片吧!

I went to Oyster & Wine Bar to celebrate my birthday (31st August), like I was very satisfied with this dinner!

Oyster & Wine Bar is in Hong Kong Kowloon Sheraton Hotel.

Beside the food here are very high quality, you can also see the panoramic view of Victoria Harbour.

When you tasting your delicious food you can also watch the Symphony of Lights, that's really enjoyable.

I hope you like the photos!

 pic. 1

A Symphony of Lights was amazing!

pic. 2

Beautiful panoramic view of Victoria Harbour

pic. 3

Can see the beautiful lights of Hong Kong island

pic. 4

Let's follow the light to going Oyster & Wine Bar!

pix. 5

Very tasty compliment soup

pic. 6

Let's celebrate my birthday! I had a Lobster Bisque first!

pic. 7

Simple House Salad

pic. 8

Royal smoke salmon

pic. 9

Swordfish Steak

pic. 10

Tuna with Foie Gras

pic. 11

Spring Chicken

pic. 12

Baked Alaska

pic. 13

Chocolate brownie  with vanilla ice-cream

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  1. The photos are spectacular night. A Symphony of Lights was amazing! hug
    PS: I was hungry.

    1. Thanks Mr.Tossan! I'm glad that you like these photos!
      I really enjoy much of everything that night!

  2. 香港的夜景真的很美
    那絕對是個Wonderful night!

    1. 謝謝San哥哥欣賞,

  3. Beautiful night scene shots. The food looks very artistic too.

  4. 祝你生日快樂!!

  5. Happy belated birthday!
    The food looks so yummy!
    You didn't invite me~ Ha...

    I am going hiking in Austria tomorrow.
    Will be back next week.
    Take care and see you then.

    1. Thanks London Caller! Yeah these food are so delicious! ^.^

    2. How are you?
      I just got back from Austria this morning!
      So tired but the trip was really good!

    3. I'm fine... I just use more time to update my facebook page now...
      but I will not give up this blog... hope can see you if you have facebook account...

  6. Come and visit Austria!
    I am sure you will love it.
    It's beautiful in the summer and the winter.

    1. Thanks for invite me,
      it's a really beautiful place! :)

  7. You can come in the winter.
    The snow in the Alps is very beautiful that time of the year.

    1. I probably can go to europe in the next year CNY,
      but I still have no plan for it...
      I will think about London and France first...

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  10. Have a blessed birthday!!! Although I'm late.
    很久都没有来“探望“你了。hope you're doing great!!!原本在九月会去香港,可是工作上离不开,所以只好告吹了。明年我一定要再去。!:)

    1. Thanks Yvonne S! I hope you have a great time in HK! :)

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