Glassware in the Crown

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In the Crown hotel room, I found some beautiful wine and drinking glasses.

I like taking shots of glasses because you are able to see the fantastic transparency of the glass.

Usually the hotel room has nice glasses and cups. I hope you all like this series of pictures!

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Birthday celebration in Crown (Part II)

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I celebrated my birthday at the Lung Hin Chinese restaurant because, they have a Michelin star chef.

The Maitre de recommended the fried lobster salad roll for the appetizer. It was absolutely delicious!

They also had a nice roast pigeon and Shanghainese dumpling that were both, of a very high standard.

I also recommend the coffee at the Crown. It was good!

pic. 1

The view of the Venetian Macau from the Crown

Birthday celebration in Crown (Part I)

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The Crown hotel is one of the best hotels in Macau.
It is located on the COTAI strip in the City of Dreams complex next to the Venetian Macau.

The Crown, Grand Hyatt and Hard Rock Hotels make up the City of Dreams complex.

I stayed 2 nights at the Crown to celebrate my birthday. The view from the room was awesome!

I also had dinner in the Crown, one night in one restaurant and the other night in another restaurant,
 which was managed by a Michelin star chef from the Altira Macau (formerly the Crown).

I want to share my happiness with you all!

pic. 1

COTAI strip of Macau

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