Birthday celebration in Crown (Part II)

I celebrated my birthday at the Lung Hin Chinese restaurant because, they have a Michelin star chef.

The Maitre de recommended the fried lobster salad roll for the appetizer. It was absolutely delicious!

They also had a nice roast pigeon and Shanghainese dumpling that were both, of a very high standard.

I also recommend the coffee at the Crown. It was good!

pic. 1

The view of the Venetian Macau from the Crown

pix. 2 & 3

The City of Dreams

pic. 4

I was very relaxing in the Crown

pic. 5

The beautiful garden in the Crown

pic. 6

The coffee at the Crown was very nice!

pix. 7 & 8

Nice and hot coffee of the Crown

pic. 9

The lobby of the Crown

pic. 10

The lobby of the Crown

pix. 11 & 12

The lobby of the Grand Hyatt is magnificent

pic. 13

The Lung Hin Chinese in the City of Dreams

pix. 14 & 15

The Lung Hin Chinese in the City of Dreams

pic. 16

The Lung Hin Chinese restaurant in the City of Dreams

pic. 17

Chinese tea

pix. 18 & 19

The food of Lung Hin were very high standard

pic. 20

The fried lobster salad roll for the appetizer. It was absolutely delicious!

pic. 21

Another apertizer recommended by the Maitre. It was very spicy!

pic. 22

A very nice roast pigeon

pic. 23

Shanghainese dumpling was also very high standard

pix. 24 & 25

The Lung Hin Chinese restaurant


  1. 杯咖啡好似好正 盒火柴又靚
    間酒店真係好似唔錯 :p

  2. 係呀Kay, Crown既咖啡出名正架! 如果黎澳門記得去試試!
    新濠鋒Altira都唔錯架, 因為佢前身都係Crown黎,
    現在Crown就搬左去係新濠天地City of Dreams!

  3. pix. 24 & 25 太精緻了吧.

  4. 係呀叻叻, 平時返工太辛苦, 所以生日要好好嘆下! ^.^

  5. 多謝San哥哥欣賞, 我拍完照就認不住要快點吃了...

  6. you capture food very well. i cant somehow, it looked flat. sigh... btw, forgot to wish you a happy birthday.

  7. Thanks Lily Riani! To shot the food a large
    aperture lens is very important!
    I can tell you more when you got a DSLR camera!

  8. I have never been to Macau, but Vegas for many times. The Venetian hotel in Macua looks exactly the same as Vegas's! I wish I get to visit Macau in the near future! That was a great birthday treat you had! :)

  9. Thanks micki! Macau have the best hotels and
    World Heritage, you'll enjoy much here!
    If you don't gambling here is a great travel place!

  10. Love the shots of coffee and the shanghai dumpling looks so cute wor...I mean the handle ^^ Nice nice, I wanna eat that too!

  11. Thanks uLi! The coffee was really nice!
    I was actually first time to see that handle
    thing for the Shanghainese dumpling!

  12. Oh my...the interior settings are incredibly beautiful and elegant!!! I LIKE those matchstick and chopstick boxes - the BRAND :)

  13. Thanks Alex! Yes, the interior of these hotels
    are incredibly beautiful and elegant!
    I forgot to take some toothpicks back home... haha!

  14. aw... dimsum!!! i always go to 葡京 :) next time gotta try this one!! lol

  15. Thanks FuFu! 葡京also have very nice dimsum!
    You're very 識食 le! ^.^

  16. The dumplings look very delicate indeed! They even have a custom tray for each of them.

    I would love to try the roasted pigeon. Does it taste like chicken?

  17. Thanks Ai Shiang! It was a first time to see
    that custom tray for the dumpling, it was delicious!
    The roast pigeon is more like roast duck
    without fat, very tasty!

  18. Lung Hin is so posh!
    I love dim sum too.
    I must go to Macao to taste all your yummy food!

  19. Anonymous15/9/10 19:05

    The Shanghainese dumpling looked really exquisite.

  20. Thanks London Caller, dim sum are really nice!
    Macau still have many many nice food,
    you must come to try them all!

  21. Thanks Mei Teng, these Shanghainese dumpling were very nice!
    It was the most exquisite dim sum I ever got!

  22. Buona sera Rafael, I really through your photos I can appreciate the beauty of this city and still wishes!

  23. Anonymous16/9/10 01:35

    hello dear raphael, your photos always captivate me as much! Surprise, my favorite is the number 4, I find it perfect! your pictures of foods are off games because I love them all!
    Bye !! :))

  24. Oh yes, I must one day! I heard that Portuguese chicken is also very famous in Macao.

    So when are you planning to visit Greece? I think it's best to avoid summer because it's very, very hot! It's so uncomfortable to walk around the city in such weather. I drank a lot of water in Athens but it's very difficult to find their public toilets!! Ha ha...

  25. 新濠天地一定要搵個機會去
    試下佢d咖啡之餘仲要睇水舞間! hahaha

  26. Ciao Sciarada! Thanks for appreciate my photos
    and of course my city Macau!

  27. Thanks Mahon! Thanks for you appreciation!
    See you!

  28. Thanks London Caller! Yes the Portuguse chicken,
    custard tart, 豬排包 are must try food of Macau!

    It's hard to find public toilet in Athens? Haha!
    I'm planning to visit there in this winter!

  29. 新濠天地現在除左可以睇龍騰天幕劇場, 現在仲可以睇水舞間!
    水舞間我都好想睇! 相信會比ZAIA更精彩, 但要小心濕身! 哈哈!

  30. Hi dear so happy birthday to you!!!! A ot of good thing to your life a lot of photos!! I hope you happy!!!

  31. Thanks Petra Mafalda! Muito obrigado!


  32. Brilliant once again, great senior portraits and pictures very well photographed! Hug.

  33. Thanks tossan, I'm glad that you like these pictures!
    Best regards

  34. Belo trabalho...Excelente....

  35. Muito obrigado Fernando Santos!

    Elevado cumprimentos

  36. love the collage pic 16 and the last 2 pics... look like advertisement shots :D

  37. Thanks lechua! I'm glad that you like these pictures!

  38. Meloching27/9/10 21:08


  39. Thanks Meloching, 真係色香味具全!


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