Rafael Lam's Roma Vacation - video clip part II

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Here is the second part video clip of my Roma Vacation. This time I used a better quality HD video,

I hope that everybody like it! I will continue making more video clips later!

360 Photography

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由澳門人人有得按快門隨便攝影學會 http://forum.fevershot.net/ 發起的「隨便360」活動....

由不同牌子的單鏡反光機及智能相機隨便集體創作.............o-o (by John)
This is the activity called "360 photography" organized by "Fevershot"
photography association from Macau http://forum.fevershot.net/ ....

Using different brands of DSLR ditigal single-lens reflex cameras and compact cameras
created collectively and casually............. o-o (by John)

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode X - The Castel Sant’Angelo

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Episode X

The Castel Sant’Angelo



The Castel Sant'Angelo is a towering cylindrical building in Rome, initially commissioned
by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family.
The building was later used as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum.
Legend holds that the Archangel Michael appeared atop the mausoleum,
sheathing his sword as a sign of the end of the plague of 590, thus lending the castle its present name.

It is a very famous sight in Rome, near the Vatican. The front view with the statues on the bridge,
 I found, to be especially dramatic. I came here on a very good day and I timed my visit
 so that I could get some good pictures with the castle and the blue sky.

[ pic. 1 ]

The Castel Sant'Angelo

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode IX - The Pantheon

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Episode IX

The Pantheon



The Pantheon is a real architectural wonder of Ancient Rome.
It is the best example of Roman architecture around and its basically still in-tact.
It was admired and studied by Michelangelo and it’s the burial place
 of Raffaello and some of Italian Kings.

The Pantheon is very beautiful inside. The dome with the hole, right at the top,
 allows the natural light to shine in.The materials used in the building add
to the magnificence of the structure. I found it an unforgettable experience.

[ pic. 1 ]

Plaza in front of the Pantheon

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VIII - Piazza Navona

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Episode VIII

Piazza Navona

Navona廣場是一個典型的巴洛克式廣場,是一個由Caesar Dominziano建於


Navona Square is a typical baroque square, was a stadium built by Caesar Dominziano in 92 b.C.
Today it is known as the square of the artists and the "Four Rivers Fountain".

We saw a Japanese parade after having a nice but rather expensive meal here.
After walking around and taking pictures, we met some new photography friends.
We exchanged websites and continued looking around.

[ pic. 1 ]

Piazza Navona

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VII - Colosseo

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Episode VII


於西元前72年,可以輕易容納 5萬人。



Colosseum (Colosseo) is the Rome’s greatest amphitheatre built by
the Emperor Vespasian in 72 b.C. Easy access to 50,000 people.

While I was queuing up for a ticket at the Colosseum people were pushing and barging
and many people were just pushing in front of those who were queuing.
There was no crowd control and some people were just being rude and inconsiderate.
I was very disappointed with the whole organization and it was a very confusing situation for all.
This was definitely one thing that I didnt like about my trip.

The Colosseum is probably the most iconic building in Rome. Despite the confusion at the entrance gate,
I was still over awed by its construction. It must have been a very impressive building in its day.

[ pix. 1 & 2 ]

Colosseo (Colosseum)

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VI - Piazza Venezia

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Episode VI

Piazza Venezia

我們參觀完Santa Maria degli Angeli教堂,之後去吃午餐。我吃了很美味的意大利麵,
這裡的老闆很友好。在此之後,我步行到Piazza Venezia廣場,在國家博物館前拍了許多照片。
我一直步行到另一個名為Piazza Campidoglio 的廣場,
看到羅馬較舊的部分被稱為Arco di Tito羅馬凱旋門和Palatino地區。

We had a nice lunch after visiting the Santa Maria degli Angeli. I had a nice pasta
and the old owner was very friendly. After this, I walked around the Piazza Venezia,
 taking many pictures of the National museum. I kept walking to another square called Piazza
 Campidoglio and saw an older part of Rome called the Arco di Tito and Palatino area.

[ pic. 1 ]

Lunch in a italian restaurant

My first video clip

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Here are some pictures of my Rome Vacation. It is the first time I've made a video of my journey,

I hope everybody likes it! I will continue making more video clips later!

如果短片無法正常啟動請更改為 480p 並暫停一會才按開始

change to 480p if the video doesn't start normally and pause a moment before play

Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode V - Santa Maria degli Angeli

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Episode V

Santa Maria degli Angeli

在Repubblic Square廣場的中心有一所很漂亮的教堂。它被稱為Santa Maria degli Angeli。

here is a very beautiful basilica in the centre of Repubblic Square. It’s called the Santa Maria degli Angeli.
You can’t imagine how beautiful the the interior of the basilica is because the outside is so non-descript
 and its not until you walk in that you realize just how magnificent the wall paintings and architecture is...

[ pic. 1 ]

Santa Maria degli Angeli basilica

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