Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode X - The Castel Sant’Angelo

Episode X

The Castel Sant’Angelo



The Castel Sant'Angelo is a towering cylindrical building in Rome, initially commissioned
by the Roman Emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family.
The building was later used as a fortress and castle, and is now a museum.
Legend holds that the Archangel Michael appeared atop the mausoleum,
sheathing his sword as a sign of the end of the plague of 590, thus lending the castle its present name.

It is a very famous sight in Rome, near the Vatican. The front view with the statues on the bridge,
 I found, to be especially dramatic. I came here on a very good day and I timed my visit
 so that I could get some good pictures with the castle and the blue sky.

[ pic. 1 ]

The Castel Sant'Angelo

[ pix. 2 & 3 ]

Statues on the bridge

[ pic. 4 ]

The Castel Sant'Angelo from the bridge

[ pic. 5 ]

[ pix. 6 & 7 ]

Beautiful statues on the bridge

[ pic. 8 ]

Sant'Angelo Castle and Bridge

[ pix. 9 & 10 ]

Near the Vatican

[ pic. 11 ]

The Castel Sant'Angelo

[ pic. 12 ]

The top statue depicts the angel from whom the building derives its name

[ pic. 13 ]

The castle is now a museum

[ pic. 14 ]

Sant'Angelo Castle and Bridge

[ pix. 15 & 16 ]

Statues on the bridge

[ pic. 17 ]

The way to Vatican

[ pix. 18 & 19 ]

A church near to the Vatican

[ pix. 20 & 21 ]

[ pix. 22 & 23 ]

Basilica S.Pietro (St.Peters)

[ pic. 24 ]

Piazza S.Pietro


  1. Anonymous24/3/10 01:44

    Winter must be one of the best seasons to visit Rome.
    I went there in the summer, it was really hot and bright!
    Couldn't open my eyes properly.
    And there were so many people in St Peter's Square.

  2. Wow, look at the gorgeous blue sky day during your visit! Looks like winter is the best time to go there~~ Awesome photos!

  3. To London Caller,
    I think I choose a good time to visit Rome!
    I can't imagine how many people will be in Vatican during summer,
    specially Vatican Museums, is already like Mongkok in Hong Kong, haha...

  4. To micki,
    Thanks, I think winter is always nice to travel,
    and usually can get the very blue sky,
    actually summer will be good for photography too,
    but it's very hot and more people...

  5. 喜歡# 23. 一整個帥氣的樣子!
    對啦, 你去的時候, 是不是好冷?

  6. I like pix.8 wor...good composition :)

  7. Anonymous24/3/10 13:22

    Heard the emperor's one cruel man who lights up human torch at this parties.

  8. To San,
    雖然落完大雪就出猛太陽, 但係都仲係幾涷, 大約3至8度左右,
    唔落雨果時其實都幾舒服, 晚上都係比較涷, 所以都係留係酒店多...
    係播, 山哥哥幾時搵我做男model, 就快幫朋友影婚紗相,
    一直想睇吓你地點影model! ^.^

  9. To uLi,
    Thanks for appreciation, I believe you can do better than me in the future! ^.^

  10. To Mei Teng,
    although the castle is beautiful,
    there is a darker more dubious side to it...

  11. i like no4..good moment..good composition with a man playing guitar..the rest of photos excellent..

  12. Thank you man, I also like the picture no.4! ^.^

  13. 真係好靚好靚呀!

  14. 多謝叻叻欣賞和支持! ^.^

  15. Anonymous25/3/10 23:43

    RE: Russia in London / 俄罗斯在伦敦 / Russia di London / ロンドンのロシア

    Thank you.
    Don't you think Russian clothes look a bit like Mongolian?!?

  16. I notice now after you said it, really have a bit similar to Mongolian clothes,
    may be had some influence each others...
    the most interesting thing is the Russian men wear checker skirts! ^.^

  17. Anonymous27/3/10 17:44

    Ha ha... I like Mongolian wrestling!
    Do you where I can get those hot pants?

    Re: Did Gilbert & George go to Cracow? / 吉尔伯特与乔治双去了克拉科夫吗? / Gilbert & George ada pergi ke Krakow tak? / ギルバート&ジョージはクラクフへ行ったの?

    Oh... If you look at their artwork, it's actually quite obvious.
    They look like stained glasses from churches.

  18. 好似好熱咁但係你仲著咁多衫 :p

    好靚啊 *v*

  19. liking the perfect symmetry... and the music accompanying really goes well with the whole Roma atmosphere while reading and going through ur rome series haha.

  20. wow, beautiful pictures! :D i have always wanted to go to Europe but never had the chance. and beautiful music on your blog too! ;) i love these kinda jazzy music :D

  21. 拍到美美藍天,正呀~

  22. To London Caller,
    Oh, I don't know you like the wrestling or only those hot pants,
    you can properly ask those wrestlers! ^.^
    Thanks for introduce some artists and artworks!

  23. To Kay,
    其實當時係落完大雲, 之後幾天都出好猛大陽, 不過都仲係幾涷,
    得3-8度左右, 很以對比其他人我算穿得少衫了...

  24. To lechua,
    Thanks for appreciation, I'm glad that you like my Roma series! ^.^

  25. To conan_cat,
    Thanks, I like very much of your blog too,
    I will keep visit it! ^.^
    I always think about what music shall I use for each post in my blog,
    hope you enjoy it! ^.^

  26. To 魚仔,
    多謝魚仔欣賞照片, 這輯相真的很美, 因為聖天使城堡和橋的風景本身就很美了,
    加上天氣好, 建築在陽光照射之下, 藍天也特別漂亮!

  27. Bella! For your Italia vacation albums, did you you shoot your pics in RAW and post processed them or you simply shot in JPG?

    Again, beautiful song. Who's the singer of it? Thanks

  28. Thanks ahson, I always use RAW and I will keep the RAW for archive like film,
    This song is from Lisa Ono too! ^.^

  29. Hi Rafael, do you mind to tell me which Lisa Ono's song is this? I can't really find it? It is just wonderful. Thanks! :)

  30. I only know the chinese name of the song, it's 羅馬今晚別亂了好事! ^.^

  31. Anonymous13/4/10 00:08

    Very beautiful placeee, I want go there!!!
    See u

  32. Thanks Petra Mafalda, Roma is the most beautiful place I've been!
    Really need to go there, specially you know photography! ^.^

  33. 你又帶我去了一處好正地方啦,,,好宏偉,好藍天.

  34. 多謝maymay欣賞, 安在家中都可以用眼睛去旅行架! ^.^

  35. Meloching18/5/10 13:50


  36. 係呀Meloching, 每件羅馬的藝術品我都想帶番屋企...
    不過當然冇可能, 所以拍到咁多靚相已經好滿足! ^.^


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