Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VI - Piazza Venezia

Episode VI

Piazza Venezia

我們參觀完Santa Maria degli Angeli教堂,之後去吃午餐。我吃了很美味的意大利麵,
這裡的老闆很友好。在此之後,我步行到Piazza Venezia廣場,在國家博物館前拍了許多照片。
我一直步行到另一個名為Piazza Campidoglio 的廣場,
看到羅馬較舊的部分被稱為Arco di Tito羅馬凱旋門和Palatino地區。

We had a nice lunch after visiting the Santa Maria degli Angeli. I had a nice pasta
and the old owner was very friendly. After this, I walked around the Piazza Venezia,
 taking many pictures of the National museum. I kept walking to another square called Piazza
 Campidoglio and saw an older part of Rome called the Arco di Tito and Palatino area.

[ pic. 1 ]

Lunch in a italian restaurant

[ pic. 2 ]

Very nice italian pasta

[ pic. 3 ]

Others foods of lunch

[ pic. 4 ]

Piazza Venezia

[ pic. 5 ]

Piazza Venezia

[ pix. 6 & 7 ]

Statues in Piazza Venezia

[ pic. 8 ]

[ pic. 9 ]

Colonna Traiana

[ pix. 10 & 11 ]

[ pix. 12 & 13 ]

[ pic. 14 ]

Piazza Venezia

[ pix. 15 & 16 ]

[ pic. 17 ]

Via del Fori Imperiali

[ pic. 18 ]

Via del Fori Imperiali

[ pic. 19 ]

Piazza Campidoglio

[ pic. 20 ]

Statue in Piazza Campidoglio

[ pic. 21 ]

Statue in Piazza Campidoglio

[ pic. 22 ]

[ pic. 23 ]

Piazza Campidoglio

[ pix. 24 & 25 ]

[ pic. 26 ]

Piazza Campidoglio

[ pic. 27 ]

[ pic. 28 ]

[ pic. 29 ]

Statue in Piazza Venezia

[ pic. 30 ]

[ pic. 31 ]

Arco di Tito area

[ pic. 32 ]

Arco di Tito and Palatino area


  1. Yummy! that pasta looks sooooo good! When I was in Florence having meal in a restaurant. They served us a plate of pasta first which I thought that was the main dish for the meal. They tasted so good, therefore I asked for second and third... However, after the pasta, there were at least 4 more seafood dishes served. I was too full to eat the rest of the dishes, but I still tasted them. All the dishes were so yummy! Form there, I knew pasta is an appetizer in Florence instead of a main dish. Oh, boy, I miss their dishes~~

  2. Anonymous10/3/10 07:30

    I particularly like No 12. It was a good frame!

    We also have Colonna Traiana in V&A Museum, London!
    Of course, it was a replica.

    Did you also visit Campidoglio Museum?
    It's worth a visit.

  3. Thanks micki and London Caller,
    yeah the salmon pasta and green salad are very nice.
    Eating in Rome is a very nice experience,
    I will have a special post to talking about this,
    I thought we bough went to a traditional italian restaurant,
    I went to one called "PICOOLO ABRUZZO",
    when they served us without order I felt strange
    and they serve us more than 6 dishes, so full!
    but I went there two times! Because the foods were really nice! ^.^

  4. To London Caller,
    Thanks for appreciation, I didn't visited the Campidoglio Museum...
    but I visited finally in Vatican Museums, it was amazing! ^.^

    Do you know this italian song?
    It called Volare, have many versions,
    I will use the another faster version later! ^.^

  5. 隨便在街上一角, 都是多麼精彩景色!
    那些石雕人像, 毛髲都那麼細緻....

  6. Hey Rafael, wonder if you use any filter to capture the photos ar? Coz the sky is always so blue and calm, very nice le :)

  7. 雨後又是個大晴天,

  8. hey rafael, excellent use of ur fish eye lens around the piazza, esp photo 23!

  9. 喜歡4,12,13~

  10. Thanks may, uLi, San, lechua and 魚仔! ^.^

  11. To uLi,
    I didn't use special filter, I can't use filter for my fisheyes lens...
    and I use the B+W UV MRC for my 24-70 F2.8L,
    need to catch the good lights and position for extended the colors and the perspective
    and I usually set the colors not too strong in my camera! ^.^

  12. To lecha,
    Agree with you, the fisheyes is easy so good for taking landscape!
    It always had perfect perfomance! ^.^

  13. To may,
    這裡的景色真係好漂亮, 那些雕像真係好細緻,
    之前在Vactian Museums還有更多大師級的雕塑, 記得捧場! ^.^

  14. To San 哥哥,
    多謝你的欣賞, 希望拍到有你咁高的攝影水準!
    我會繼續努力, 真係好幸運陽光和藍天咁老友! ^.^

  15. To 魚仔,
    4, 12和13都係我喜歡的照片!
    之後會有一篇特別的美食篇, 記得多多捧場! ^.^

  16. 雖然咁樣睇d相會大張d 但係我都係中意睇video咁睇xd

  17. 多謝Kay欣賞, 有些人會喜歡Video, 有些又會喜歡睇相,
    所以我會先出相, 等大家了解一下那些地方, 再做Video! ^.^

  18. Anonymous11/3/10 07:49

    What song? I couldn't hear anything.
    My Mac doesn't play your background music.
    I have to use a PC to hear the song.

    Have you been to Paris?
    Personally, I prefer French food to Italian food.
    I am not saying Italian is awful, but French is very yummy!
    But it's very expensive in London...

  19. I know the Mac doesn't play the background music,
    I want to know why too... so I can fix it...
    may be you only can hear with the PC or
    wait for me to make the video clip later...

    I didn't been Paris before, is a place I also want to go.
    Have french foods in Macau too, but also dear...
    French and Italian foods are also famous,
    I will recommend the traditional italian restaurant,
    you'll change your mind about Italian foods! ^.^

  20. Anonymous12/3/10 04:30

    Then, you must go to Paris when you come to Europe next time!
    Of all the European cities, I have been to Barcelona is one my favourites!
    The other one I quite like is Prague, Czech Republic.

    If you like arts, I am sure you'll like Prague for its Art Nouveau.
    I am more into buildings. ;)
    I am from construction industry. Yes, building by trade.
    I am actually a building economist.
    It's a boring job.

  21. Thanks for your recommendation, I think Prague and Paris are places must to go too!
    I also want to go Athens and Egypt...
    You're so lucky living in Europe, so you can visit all the beautiful cities around,
    actually Europe is far away for me,
    so I only can go there once a year...

    I have a boring job too, that's why I will travel
    and like photography for my hobby,
    everything can be relaxing for me! ^.^

  22. PIC 12 ,WOW))))))太喜歡啦! 好羨慕你有對攝影眼!

  23. 多謝叻叻欣賞! 妳的攝影眼比我更厲害! ^.^

  24. 嘩...你D相真係好靚,我以為自己已經進步左,點知你既進步仲得人驚;

  25. 多謝新哥欣賞照片, 其實我覺得你進步比我多,
    以前係TE睇相真係唔知大家點影得咁靚, 現在開始拿握到! ^.^

  26. 我好鍾意地下積水倒影o固幅呀,構圖好特別好有心思.^^

  27. 多謝車厘的欣賞! ^.^

  28. Meloching18/5/10 13:40


  29. Thanks Meloching, 因為當日早上下過大雨, 所以天色特別靚,
    午餐都好唔錯, 老闆的熱情招待都好難忘!


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