Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VIII - Piazza Navona

Episode VIII

Piazza Navona

Navona廣場是一個典型的巴洛克式廣場,是一個由Caesar Dominziano建於


Navona Square is a typical baroque square, was a stadium built by Caesar Dominziano in 92 b.C.
Today it is known as the square of the artists and the "Four Rivers Fountain".

We saw a Japanese parade after having a nice but rather expensive meal here.
After walking around and taking pictures, we met some new photography friends.
We exchanged websites and continued looking around.

[ pic. 1 ]

Piazza Navona

[ pix. 2 & 3 ]

Pic. 2 - Fountain of the Four Rivers (1651) by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Pic. 3 - Beautiful building from Piazza Navona to Pantheon

[ pic. 4 ]

The church in the center of the square called Sant'Agnese in Agone
designed by Francesco Borromini and Girolamo Rainaldi

[ pix. 5 & 6 ]

[ pic. 7 ]

The Fontana del Nettuno

[ pic. 8 ]

The Fontana del Nettuno

[ pic. 9 ]

Beautiful statues

[ pix. 10 & 11 ]

[ pic. 12 ]

Green salad

[ pix. 13 & 14 ]

Eating in Piazza Navona was rather expensive

[ pic. 15 ]

[ pix. 16 & 17 ]

Japanese parade in Piazza Navona

[ pix. 18 & 19 ]

Japanese parade

[ pix. 20 & 21 ]

The kids were happy and enjoy the parade

[ pic. 22 ]

Cure girl was playing in the Piazza Navona

[ pix. 23 & 24 ]

The kids were playing in the square

[ pic. 25 ]

Family Day

[ pix. 26 & 27 ]

The people in the Piazza Navona


  1. 我喜歡12, 13, 14, 15 哈
    好美... 味! 哈

  2. Nice capture for a love couple~~ Beautiful children's portraits! Was that a special event on that day since children dressed up different costumes?

  3. Anonymous17/3/10 13:49

    Beautiful piazza. Travelling to Europe right now's really expensive.

  4. To San,
    多謝山哥哥欣賞照片, 食物照都係用24-70mm F2.8L拍的!
    最近對焦為0.38m, 用70mm影都有少少macro效果,而且F2.8的散景真係好靚! ^.^

  5. To micki,
    Thanks for appreciate, I don't know what the event was,
    I guess it was a celebration parade for Chinese New Year...
    have japanese singing and dancing and the children were just following them...

  6. To Mei Teng,
    Thanks, this trip was expensive specially eating...
    but I think Europe is still worth to travel! ^.^

  7. Pict.26 so lovely...hehe! You must be using telephoto :D

  8. Thanks uLi, use long zoom to take people is easier and more natural,
    I think this sweet couple know I was taking picture! ^.^

  9. 那對親吻中的情侶很甜蜜呢
    還帶著小孩 很溫馨啊 :)

  10. Thanks Kay, 我都覺他們好sweet, 一定是個幸福家庭,
    而且外國人都不介意有人為他們拍照的, 多數都報以笑容好大方! ^.^

  11. Anonymous18/3/10 06:15

    I took a lot of pictures there too!!
    But the church was under renovation. So I only got the fountain pictures.

    Ha ha... Japanese parade in Rome?!
    Their costumes were really colourful.
    I think they were from Okinawa?! Ha ha...

  12. Thanks London Caller,
    The fountain of the Four Rivers was under renovation when I was there...

    Haha... I was surprise to see Japanese parede in Rome,
    I have no idea what kind of the parade was...

  13. Coming from another blog and saw your R-profile -love the baroque architecture, but my fave sculptures are modern (Henri Moore, etc.) -beautiful pics! the little girl with the bubbles is adorable:). My pics are nothing "to write home about" -I'm better at painting:)

  14. Thanks jeannette stgermain, nice to meet you! ^.^
    I also like modern art, sculptures and painting!

  15. 好喜歡 pic 26 果張, 感覺好正!

  16. 多謝叻叻欣賞! 他們的確好sweet! ^.^

  17. Anonymous20/3/10 09:07

    Re: Abney Park / 阿布尼公园 / Taman Abney / アブニーパーク

    Ha ha... Back then, I used to play hide-and-seek in Malaysia with my friends in a cemetery at night!!! We were bored! It was so scary.
    I think I was so crazy that time... I was only 14 something.

    Re: Au revoir, Paris / 再见,巴黎 / Selamat tinggal, Paris / さようなら、パリ

    When are you planning to go to Europe again?

  18. Cemetery was a place for fighting when I was a kid... very naughty haha!
    I remember now in Stanley, HK have a military cemetary is beautiful, I had some pictures there...

    I think go to Europe once a year, I went to Rome this year already, so may be next year!

  19. cool that u managed to bump into a japanese parade.. looks fun and interesting.. do u know if it's a frequent occurence... or just a one off event?

  20. Thanks lechua, I don't know much about this parade...
    it was start after the lunch time,
    so that's a great entertainment for me! ^.^

  21. Amazing work... really beautiful. God ble you!

  22. Thanks Antônio Araújo! Gracias! ^.^

  23. Meloching18/5/10 13:45


  24. 係呀, 有日本人的歌舞遊行和穿著特別的小朋友, 真係好熱鬧!


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