Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode VII - Colosseo

Episode VII


於西元前72年,可以輕易容納 5萬人。



Colosseum (Colosseo) is the Rome’s greatest amphitheatre built by
the Emperor Vespasian in 72 b.C. Easy access to 50,000 people.

While I was queuing up for a ticket at the Colosseum people were pushing and barging
and many people were just pushing in front of those who were queuing.
There was no crowd control and some people were just being rude and inconsiderate.
I was very disappointed with the whole organization and it was a very confusing situation for all.
This was definitely one thing that I didnt like about my trip.

The Colosseum is probably the most iconic building in Rome. Despite the confusion at the entrance gate,
I was still over awed by its construction. It must have been a very impressive building in its day.

[ pix. 1 & 2 ]

Colosseo (Colosseum)

[ pic. 3 ]

Colosseum (Colosseo) is the Rome’s greatest amphitheatre built by

the Emperor Vespasian in 72 b.C. Easy access to 50,000 people

[ pic. 4 ]

The Colosseum is probably the most iconic building in Rome

[ pix. 5 & 6 ]

[ pic. 7 ]

The interior of Colosseo

[ pic. 8 ]

[ pic. 9 ]

[ pic. 10 ]

[ pix. 11 & 12 ]

[ pic. 13 ]

Impressive construction

[ pix. 14 & 15 ]

[ pic. 16 ]

Visiting the Colosseum

[ pic. 17 ]

The interior of Colosseo

[ pic. 18 ]

[ pix. 19 & 20 ]

[ pix. 21 & 22 ]

[ pic. 23 ]

[ pic. 24 ]

[ pic. 25 ]

A sunset in the Colosseo



  1. Anonymous13/3/10 00:16

    I bought the Roma Pass, it was actually really handy. I used it to travel and visit museums for free. With that pass, you didn't have to queue to see the Colosseum either.

    My hotel was not far away from the Colosseum. I also took some night photos. Even more amazing, that night was full moon. It made the Colosseum look so bright and magical!

    Re: Eiffel Tower / 艾菲尔铁塔 / Menara Eiffel / エッフェル塔

    I haven't been to those two restaurants yet.
    Maybe they're too touristy!?

  2. Thanks London Caller, may be I should buy the Roma Pass... really have many people there...
    I will ask you some information next time I visit Europe, thanks!
    are there very touristy? may be I will just have a coffee in the top floor...

  3. It's good to know the tip that Londoncaller provides. Indeed it is frustrated to see the chaos in the world famous place. Regardless of that, your awesome shots really give me a peaceful feeling!

  4. Thanks micki, the Colosseum is still really need to visit,
    I think if got the Roma Pass will be way more better,
    is good to know someone like Lodon Caller that living in Europe! ^.^

  5. 羅馬鬥獸場! 我超想去睇 :p

  6. Wah! Very nice and detailed shots on Colosseo...I like it~ ^^

  7. To Kay,
    因為好多電影都係這裡拍, 好有歷史價值!

  8. To uLi,
    Thanks, hope when people see the pictures can have some feelings! ^.^

  9. Anonymous13/3/10 22:40

    Magnificent piece of architecture. And I like the cute child on her father's shoulders.

  10. Thanks Mei Teng, I like the pic of the father and the daughter very much too! ^.^

  11. 真是拍得好呢~

  12. 多謝魚仔的欣賞及支持! ^.^

  13. Anonymous16/3/10 00:44

    The Roma Pass is definitely worth an invest!
    I think some European cities also joined the scheme.
    I also bought similar Budapest Pass in Hungary.

    I think I saw Vienna Pass in Austria too.

  14. u managed to capture the whole circle of the colosseum... besides fish eye lens u also have another wide angle lens? how many hours did u spend here ... until sunset...lovely. & the little girl on the daddy's shoulders - beautiful capture.

  15. To London Caller,
    Thanks for your recommend again,
    I found the Roma Pass and others Pass websites:
    So I can buy them when I visit London or Paris?

  16. Thanks lechua, I also like the picture of father & daughter.
    I was using the 10-17mm fisheye lens with the 450D,
    so it's 16mm in the wide angle... and I also got the 24-70mm F2.8L for the 5DII.
    I spent around 1 and a half hours in the Colosseum,
    but also more than half an hour for queuing up to get in....
    It closed at 5:00, but you can still stay there a bit longer,
    to see an early sunset...

  17. Anonymous16/3/10 04:49

    Sure, of course, you can. ;-)
    It's good value for money.

    I don;t think you need the London Pass because most museums are free here! Including most galleries. I would say nearly 99% of them are free!

    Re: The Louvre by Dusk / 卢浮宫的黄昏 / Muzium Louvre pada Waktu Senja / ルーヴル美術館の黄昏

    When I first moved down to London, I spent a week at the British Museum to see all their collections. Of course, you can also spend spend a day to walk around the museum very quickly.
    I was originally studying in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved down to London for my work. Not bad, I got £1000 from my company to move.

  18. Thanks for your informations, I'm glad to know more about London and other europe countries from you! ^.^

    Your company is really good, I think you've been working there for many years... ^.^

  19. 終於給我看到了... 太美了!

  20. 呢度用FISHEYE 真係一流!

    好喜歡PIC 22呀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. San 哥哥, 如果你在現場一定影得更美! ^.^

  22. 多謝叻叻欣賞, 真係要魚眼先影得哂全景! ^.^

  23. can send me your personal email address ar? mine is wyewli81@gmail.com ^^ Got something about photography to consult you ;)

  24. No problem, I already sent you an e-mail! ^.^

  25. u bring around 2 cameras wherever u go travelling? wow that's a some weight... ur luggage must be full of camera equipment only!

  26. Yes, the camera equipments are getting heavier and heavier...
    But it's more convenient for me when I go out with 2 cameras and 2 lenses,
    I can give one to my friend...

  27. Meloching18/5/10 13:43


  28. 有呀, 不過扮古羅馬士兵的人都在外面, 而且都好多人圍觀, 所以沒有拍照...


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