Macau Car Expo 2011

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台灣高雄 Taiwan Kaohsiung Part III

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駁二藝術特區成為了南方的實驗 創作場所與工藝創意發展中心;這個藝術空間特質,




About Pier-2 Art Center:

Located within the third ship trench in Kaohsiung harbor and built in 1973,

it was originally a general purpose harbor warehouse. In 2000,

this space full of experimental possibilities was discovered when authority

was looking for a space to set up firecrackers for the Independence Day celebration.

It’s an unique open art space that is close to the ocean.

With the promotion of impassioned artists and local cultural workers,

it combines the professional resources of the deserted space renewal project

from the Council of Cultural Affairs to march into the creative epoch of

Pier-2 Art District. Propelled by the vigorous management efforts of Kaohsiung

Pier-2 Art Development Association and Shu-Te University’s Development Local Art Workshop,

Pier-2 Art District has become the experiment in southern Taiwan.

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台灣高雄 Taiwan Kaohsiung Part II

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在台灣除了美食之外, 不得不說這裡的捷運系統,

真的為遊客帶來很多方便, 特別在高雄, 早上的人流不多,


我買了一張2日卡, 下一站就是駁二藝術特區!

Besides of decilious food, have to talk about the metro system in Taiwan,

really bring a lot of convenience for tourists, especially in Kaohsiung,

it's quite empty in the morning, you can easily tour around.

I bought a 2 day pass, the next stop is the Pier-2 Art Center!

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Kaohsiung metro system

China National Day 2011

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On the 1st of October 2011 - China National Day, I went to the InterConinental Hotel in Kowloon,

for celebrated my friend's birthday. I also watched the beautiful China National Day fireworks!

I was glad that I celebrated a China National Day Dinner at the InterConinental Hotel in Kowloon.

The 1st of October was also my friend's birthday, so we decided to celebrate his birthday at

the SPOON by Alain Ducasse, a Michelin star restaurant.

After dinner we watched the China National Day fireworks display,

it was the greatest fireworks I ever seen, I hope you like these photos!

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The InterConinental Hotel in Kowloon

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