Sky100 Hong Kong

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8月20日, 天氣晴朗! 不單只看到藍天白雲,

而且能見度十分之高, 是上高樓拍照的最好時機!

我就在這天到了全港最高的室內觀景台 - 天際 100!

觀景台在環球貿易廣場的第100層, 這裡360度的風景真是極之漂亮,


20th of August, the weather was so clear! Besides can see the blue sky,

also had a very high visibility, is the best time to take pictures in a high building!

I went to the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong - Sky100!

The observation deck is in the International Commerce Centre 100th floor,

where you can get the 360 degrees Hong Kong city panoramic beautiful scenery.

Overlooking here to the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon Peninsula is really quite spectacular!

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Dubai Summer Vacation (Part III)

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這次杜拜之旅, 遊覽了幾個世界最大的大型購物商場,

當中不少都很美很有特色, 當然還品嘗了票少中東美食!



During this Dubai trip, I visited some of the world's largest shopping malls,

many of them are quite distinctive, and of course taste many Middle Eastern food!

I had Lebanese, Indian and Iranian food in Dubai!

I like the Lebanese most, it's abosolutely delicous!

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Dubai Summer Vacation (Part II)

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這些大型購物商場不單只款式多, 價錢便宜,


在Dubai Mall下層更可以通往全世界最高之高塔 - Burj Khalifa,

除了可以在商場享受完美食和購物後, 更可以和天空接觸!

Dubai's shopping malls really make me enjoy shopping.

You can find clothes with many styles and sale at these huge shopping malls,

of course the latest collection of all brands around the world!

At the ground floor of Dubai Mall you can

access to the world's highest tower - Burj Khalifa,

Besides to enjoy dining and shopping in the mall, you can also touch the sky!

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Dubai Mall

Dubai Summer Vacation (Part I)

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今年7月份我到了杜拜過我的暑假, 雖然7月的杜拜非常炎熱,


因為我十分享受這裡的酒店設施, 大型購物商場和中東美食!


當然少不了Burj Al Arab Hotel, 這真是個非常美麗的建築!

In July this year, I went to Dubai during my summer vacation.

Dubai is very hot though July but I still had a very satisfied holiday!

Because I enjoyed the hotel facilities, shopping malls, and Middle Eastern food!

Give you a look at some famous attractions pictures.

Of course, Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is really a very beautiful building!

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Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel

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