Birthday celebration in Crown (Part I)

The Crown hotel is one of the best hotels in Macau.
It is located on the COTAI strip in the City of Dreams complex next to the Venetian Macau.

The Crown, Grand Hyatt and Hard Rock Hotels make up the City of Dreams complex.

I stayed 2 nights at the Crown to celebrate my birthday. The view from the room was awesome!

I also had dinner in the Crown, one night in one restaurant and the other night in another restaurant,
 which was managed by a Michelin star chef from the Altira Macau (formerly the Crown).

I want to share my happiness with you all!

pic. 1

COTAI strip of Macau

pix. 2 & 3

Venetian Macau & Hard Rock Hotel

pic. 4

Awesome view of COTAI strip of Macau in the Crown hotel room

pic. 5

Magnificent night scenery of COTAI strip

pic. 6

Magnificent night scenery of COTAI strip

pic. 7

Beautiful night in COTAI strip

pic. 8

Night view of Venetian Macau

pic. 9

Night view of Venetian Macau

pic. 10

The golden lights of Venetian Macau

pic. 11

The golden lights of Venetian Macau

pic. 12

Venetian Macau in COTAI strip

pic. 13

City of Dreams in COTAI strip

pic. 14

The rooms in the Crown Macau

pic. 15

The room of the Crown Macau

pic. 16

The interior of the room

pic. 17

The bathroom in the Crown hotel

pic. 18

The bathroom in the Crown hotel

pic. 19

The seafood platter of my first birthday dinner
They had different coloured salt from different countries

pic. 20

The appetizer was incredibly delicious

pic. 21

Get ready for my main course

pic. 22

Very nice!

pix. 23 & 24

More tasty food

pic. 25

Baked Alaska for dessert! So satisfied!


  1. Anonymous7/9/10 22:25

    RICKY: 好靚呀....多采多姿...
    大師, d燈燈顏色化開..點整架..好玩..

  2. WOW)))))影到好似酒店廣告咁呀!!靚!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 多謝RICKY欣賞, 其實原理同玩拉爆差唔多,
    係曝光時轉對焦到OUT FOCUS就得架啦!

  4. 多謝叻叻都鍾意呀! 間酒店開真係好靚架,
    我最鍾意佢地既咖啡好好飲! ^^

  5. your pics are breathtaking, really make me wanna go macau again. the pics is the view from your hotel? i must stay there then, hope the price are reasonable.

  6. Thanks Lily Riani! Yes the view of Crown hotel is awesome!
    If you stay for more than 2-3 days I recommend you choose the Hard Rock hotel,
    the price are more reasonable and the view are similar!

  7. 生日快樂啊 ;)
    生日可以咁去玩兩日真係好 a_a

  8. Thanks Kay! 係呀, 好難得可以真正咁嘆下世界! ^^

  9. OH! 明哥生日快樂~
    希望你身體健康, 事事如意

  10. Anonymous8/9/10 13:44

    all these colors are magic! and the effects are dazzling! ... I also like water and the texture of structure, always also very accurate!
    Bye ! =)

  11. Buongiorno Rafael, a explosion of lights and beauty and also good food!
    Good celebration to you!

  12. Hi Rafael, really nice site you got here and cool posts as well. keep up the great work and more power always online.

    Cebu Urbano

  13. 多謝San哥哥的祝福! 今次的照片都在Crown拍的!

  14. Thanks Mahon, I'm glad that you appreciate my photography works!

  15. Ciao Sciarada! Thank you very much!

  16. Nice to meet you Jam!
    Thanks for appreciate my blog and photography!

    Very nice music in your blog!

  17. Anonymous8/9/10 19:20

    Is that Bombed Alaska? My mom made one when I was a young child. I have always remembered it as Bombed rather than Baked. What a grand bday celebration! :)

  18. Thanks Mei Teng! ^^
    I'm not sure if they were Bombed?
    This was the secound time I had Baked Alaska,
    this had cake and ice-cream inside,
    another time had many ice-cream inside,
    they also served with fire around it!

  19. wow nice celebration!!! guess i gotta look for you when i go to macau again!!! because you know where are those nice places for pictures!

  20. Thanks FuFu! Sure you shall tell me next time you come to Macau!
    I can show you those nice places and food in Macau!

  21. Rafael, I love photographing floodlit buildings at night and although I have not had time to do it this year.... because I'm always on the move !!! , you have given me some lessons here as this is a masterclass in the subject, amazing pictures.
    Highly commended also are some of the art pictures (15 & 17) taken in the room. The food pictures always draw plenty of comments to your page... A feast for a king I think, hope you enjoyed it, My favourite is pic 22.
    I don't say this too often on blog comments but I'm pleased i looked in at your page today.

  22. Wow... It's so magical!
    Reminds me of Venice!

    The night shots are so futuristic too!
    Too bad, my rubbish camera cannot zoom when taking long exposure photos...

    >Is this 蒲公英?? I thought it was type of chrysanthemum…
    Not, it's not really like a dandelion but they both belong to the same family.

    Anyway, I am off to Greece for a week tomorrow.
    I shall come back and visit you after that.
    Be good!

  23. wow did u stay there for the view.... view of Venetian at night is awesome. and the dessert really looks like it was baked to perfection!

  24. To J_on_tour@jayzspaze
    Thanks for your compliments!
    I'm glad that you appreciate my photography works!

  25. To Lonodn Caller,
    Thanks for your appreciation!
    May be is time to upgrade your camera...

    Wow, I also want to go Greece,
    have a nice trip!

  26. Thanks lechua, yes the view of the room was awesome!
    That Baked Alaska was really special!

  27. Anonymous9/9/10 22:52

    Olá Rafael :)

    Incredibly beautiful photographs!
    I seem to be loking at a window!Very nice!

  28. Olá Linda Lourenco, muito obrigado!

    I'm glad that you like this series of photos!

  29. Wonderfull shots!
    Visit my blog too

  30. Thanks Eduardo Valente!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday Rafael ^^ You are so good in enjoying life ya, from the hotel til the food....wao! Jealous la....Anyway, it's good to treat ourself good good =)

  32. Thanks uLi! You're the one who knows how to enjoy life la! ^^
    Always see nice places and nice food in your blog!

  33. 禁鬼正係Crown過生日...d 相影得好靚呀!

  34. 多謝chi hang! 其實你係...
    多謝你欣賞照片! ^.^

  35. WOW! Cotai Strip, Macau is BEAUTIFUL! Macau is definitely City of Dreams! It's everybody dream to be here in Macau :) These photos are amazingly attractive. Great for postcard or wallpapers! Great job Rafael!

  36. Thanks Alex! I'm glad for your compliments!
    Totally agree with you that Macau is definitely City of Dreams!

  37. 很出色的夜景~ 生日快樂 to Rafael~第 4 張有少少變型~ 係唔係用左魚眼呢?

  38. 多謝JC的祝福! 4至7都用了魚眼, 因為用24mm都影唔哂全景!
    用魚眼可以影到14mm, 把眼前的180度夜景都攝入相中!

  39. Meloching27/9/10 21:07


  40. Thanks Meloching, Crown個view真係好正!
    如果我屋企有咁靚既view 就好!


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