Phuket Cultural Centre

Phuket Cultural Centre provides an exciting comprehensive sample of the life

and culture of all parts of Thailand with their special attractions and unique life-style.

In the theatre you will find the old Thai culture, Thai material arts,

Thai classical dances and Phuket island's native culture.

Their cultural performers will present examples of the culture of all parts of the kingdom -

but with the emphasis on the unique aspects of Phuket and the south.

You will thrill to the long pole fighting and the Thai boxing; you will be charmed by Thai

classical dances from 4 regions of Thailand and you can join the dancers in the "Ramwong folk dance".

The "Bai Sri Soo Kwan" is a unique welcome ceremony. The victory Sa Bat Chai Drum and parade,

amazing southern show and the colourful island dance will leave you with warm meomories of their culture.


  1. oh! 原來明哥去了布吉

  2. 今次只去放鬆一下,去shopping食野比較多,
    沒有拍很多風景照呢... 哈哈

  3. 係唔係有好多野睇? haha

  4. 其實今次係我睇過最正經既一個show, 哈哈!

  5. Belo trabalho...Espectacular....

  6. Obrigado Fernando Santos (Chana)!


  7. I tried that bamboo dance when I was very young!
    Ha ha... I went to Thailand a lot as a little boy.
    Thailand is actually very far away from my hometown.

    Re: Very beautiful buildings, will be convenient if living near to the busy streets, that’s why so expensive! Actually how much are they?

    At least £2 million (approx MOP$24 million) for one mews in central London.

  8. Nice to meet you Lourenço!
    Your blog is great!

    Rafael Lam

  9. Oh, ok... I never tried this bamboo dance,
    I think you enjoy much the social life in Thailand!

    At least £2 million for one mews in central London...
    I will prefer to build a house in Cornwall!

  10. This is a great way to keep and share a wonderful journey. I like the way having photos and video clips together. What a beautiful presentation!

  11. Thanks micki, I'm glad you like this video!
    I will keep making videos and slide show,
    these are some good memories for me too!

  12. Ha ha... You really like Cornwall, don't you?
    But there are many more beautiful places in England.

    Did I tell you that I went to the Lake District in Cumbria last Friday?
    That's also a very beautiful place!
    I took about 2,500 pictures! Ha ha... So scary!

    Ha ha, you have so many HK readers. I see you also have a new flag counter add-on. What happened in Manila to HK tourists was so crazy!!
    I think there are many Filipino maids in HK, I think they will get bullied by the employers? Now it's like a country war!?

  13. argh i so wanna go to phuket enjoyng the sun sand sea and also the cultural activities :)

  14. I went to Phuket 2 years back. Love the canoeing. =) Anybody wanna go can get contact from me. Can get good deal from my friend. Hahha.. Love it and I'm definitely going back anytime just to relax.
    The Princess Diaries

  15. To London Caller,
    Because I think Cornwall will be cheaper
    and I saw your introduction about there...

    Oh, I think the Lake District in Cumbria is a beautiful place,
    I will waiting for your next posts!
    Actually the Lambeth Palace is beautiful too!

    I think many of Hong Kong readers are my friends or from Yahoo blog...
    Have you seen all the news about the siege of a bus in Manila?
    You can read about it here:

    I was so sad to see what happened on T.V. and all the news...
    The Philippine government is corrupt!
    The police smashed the windows of the bus just for cover those letters that the kidnapper wrote,
    instead of trying to save the hostages first.... they are incompetent!

  16. To fufu,
    Hope you can have your holidays in Phuket soon! ^^

  17. To Cheryl-Jiaween,
    Yes, Phuket is a nice place for relax!
    I was staying in Phuket Town this time,
    I will stay in Patong if I go there again!

  18. Anonymous25/8/10 20:31

    I visited Phuket last Dec.

  19. Phuket is a nice place for relax,
    I think I will go there again! ^^

  20. is this the fantasea? never been before but my bro said its nice.

  21. Thanks Lily Riani! This show is worth to see,
    their performance were great!

  22. Visited Phuket few years back. But I still like Bali more :)

  23. Thanks uLi, I will thinking about to visit Bali too!

  24. lol..the bamboo dance looks kind of FUN :)

    Hey Rafael, how do you make this video? Thanks!

  25. Thanks Alex! Yeah it was full of fun!

    I use the i-movie to make this video,
    it is easy to use and user friendly!


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