Lung Kwu Tan 龍鼓灘

Macau has a famous beach called Hac Sa Beach. The sand there is black.

I found out that Hong Kong has a black sand beach too,
called Lung Kwu Tan and it’s located near Tuen Mun!

The sand in Lung Kwu Tan is black, and it reminds me of Macau’s Hac Sa Beach.

Most people would probably go to Butterfly Bay Beach,
so there weren’t many people at Lung Kwu Tan.

It feels very relaxing there. You can also climb to the
Lung Kwu Tan observation deck and enjoy the scenery!

在澳門有一個有名的沙灘叫黑沙海灘, 因為那裡的沙都是黑色的。

原來香港都有一個黑色沙的海灘, 它就是位於屯門附近的龍鼓灘!

龍鼓灘的沙全是黑色的, 特別令我想起澳門黑沙海灘。

可能大多數人都會去屯門蝴蝶灣海灘, 因此來到龍鼓灘的人不多。


pic. 1

Lung Kwu Tan

pix. 2 & 3

pic. 4

pix. 5 & 6

pix. 7 & 8

pic. 9

pix. 10 & 11

pix. 12 & 13

pic. 14

pic. 15

pic. 16

There were many dragonflies flying around me, it was amazing!

pic. 17

pic. 18

pix. 19 & 20

pix. 21 & 22

pic. 23

pix. 24 & 25

pix. 26 & 27

pic. 28

pix. 29 & 30

pic. 31

Playing light painting at night in Butterfly Bay Beach,
it was so hard to write my name with lights, I tried many times to get this!


  1. Hello dear! Lovely photos, I liked the last... Plying with light paint!!
    Very good

    See you

  2. Thanks Petra Mafalda, light painting is very interesting!


  3. 其實主要係因為交通唔太方便 所以龍鼓灘會比較少人
    果到日落都真係幾靚架 :p

  4. 其實我反而鍾意佢少人, 感覺仲舒服, 哈哈!
    係龍鼓灘睇日落真係好靚, 可惜去果日係星期日要早走,
    唔可以影埋日落一刻, 希望下次再去過影多D相!

  5. Ciao Rafael, this place is incredible, the color of the sand is very particular, the landescapes are amazing, the butterfly, the flowers, all a dream.

  6. Ciao Sciarada! Thank you very much, I'm glad that
    you like these pictures!

  7. 散景真美,
    最後的字也好好玩... 哈..

  8. Wow! Interesting especially the last pix!!! Beautiful. I tried once at my room last time...very hard to get a nice word la...hehe!

  9. 多謝San哥哥欣賞, Light Painting真係好好玩,
    不過寫字真係好難, 我寫左幾十次先寫到我個名...

  10. Thanks uLi! Yes ar, to write words with light is really hard,
    I tried many times to get a better calligraphy, haha!

  11. Anonymous3/7/10 07:09

    I came here yesterday but I couldn't post my comment...
    Don't know why?
    I tried it twice too.

    Anyway, I like to light painting!
    How did you do it?
    Can you show me the magic? Ha ha...

  12. Sometimes have friends said can't post comments in my blog too,
    I don't know why, may be is the system backup...

    Thank you, need to use tripod and long time
    exposure like 30 seconds or more, and small
    aperture like F8 or F11...
    finally start using the electric torch for drawing and writing...
    it's easy only need to be patient when you write!

  13. Mm..I like to do the light painting as well :) That is so fun and can be very creative!

  14. Lovely shots all over, Rafael, love them. Something different than those buildings shots previously.

    The kid was having fun, the flower was giving a calm feeling, the hills were green, the butterfly was charming and the lighting sketches of your name was fantastic. I wonder how you write alphabets right side up, or left side up, whatever you call it :o)

  15. Rafael, this is AWESOME! LOVE the background music. Soothing and fit perfectly with this Lung Kwu Tan 龍鼓灘 article. NICE!

    Another beautiful collection of pictures! Picture 1 & 15 is AMAZING! Your digital post-processing is stunning!


  16. To micki,
    Thank you, hope can see some of your pictures
    with light painting! ^.^

  17. To Ai Shiang,
    Thanks for your appreciation, have a trick to
    write words with light, you need to face back to the camera,
    and just write normally from left to right!

  18. To shloke,
    Thank you very much, I still have lots to learn!
    I do appreciate your website! ^.^

  19. Anonymous5/7/10 05:13

    Ha ha... My stupid camera cannot perform those than...
    What a shame!
    What can I play with? Ha!

    Then, it must be the wrong flower then because this flower only has yellow colour, as far as I'm concerned.

  20. Have you using your compact camera to take night shots?
    Just use a small tripod and use the night shot mode,
    you can still get some lights during the exposure...
    have a try first...

    So my flowers at home are better, haha!

  21. Anonymous5/7/10 13:37

    Don't think I have ever come across beach with black sand. But I have come across one with dark brown sand. White sandy beaches are the best.

  22. never been to a black sand beach.... there's a different atmosphere to black sand beaches.. i like the light shimmering on the water. i like pic 14. and pic 21 & 22 - which part of hk is that?

    btw well done on the name writing!!

  23. To Mei Teng,
    You really need to go Hac Sa Beach of Macau
    if you ever been to black sand beach,
    this Lung Kwu Tan in HK is another good choice!
    I agree with you white sand beaches are beautiful,
    that's why everybody want to go to the beautiful beaches in south asia for holidays!

  24. Thanks lechua,
    Yes, the black sand beach is unique in HK and Macau,
    there is a part of Tuen Mun, new territories in HK,
    I will also suggest you to visit wetland park,
    is another nice place in new territories!

  25. 我真係越嚟越喜歡看你的相片, 真係靚得好緊要!

  26. 我真係越嚟越喜歡看你的相片,真係好靚呀!

  27. 多謝叻叻欣賞! 其實妳影既相咪仲靚, 哈哈! ^.^

  28. 好似有D留言唔見左... 奇怪... @_@

  29. 點解你成日都在屯門區出沒架~ 龍鼓灘~ 成日都想去影日落~ 不過而家太熱~ 懶出勤 :p ~ 好鍾意第一張~ 同最後一張~ 光影塗鴉~ 勁!!!

  30. 多謝JC欣賞! 因為我比較鍾意在新界地區影相,
    如果唔係咁熱, 我其實想去多次濕地公園架!

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Dear Rafael,
    I'a student from HKBU. We're doing a investigative story on Lung Kwu Tan, and I'm writing a side bar of the butterfly there. I noticed that you took so many beautiful photos there. Would you please share your view on the butterfly as a precious resources in the village? And we also appreciate that if you can allow us use one of your photo of the butterfly. It's a course homework and we'll send you our final layout to you. My e-mail is: Thanks,suna

  33. Thanks vera, I'm glad that you appreciate my photos!
    I also got your message in facebook,
    may be we can chat there!
    Hope I can help you for doing your homework...


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