Shanghai Expo 2010

Dear all, I just came back from Shanghai! Now I will prepare for my next trip to Phuket!

I want to share the great experience I had with you at the Shanghai Expo.  There were so many people...

This is the video I made! I will share more pictures after my holidays!


  1. i see that u're exploring more of ur videography and video making skills! wow so much travelling.... phuket should be an awesome beach holiday... have fun!

  2. to so many places! *jealous*

    Btw, great video you've made :)

  3. Thanks lechua, hope everybody like it!

    I'm looking forward for my Phuket trip!

  4. Thanks uLi! I hope can share more pictures soon! ^.^

  5. 對呀, 真的很很嫉妒你.
    接下來又要去旅行! 哈

  6. This is good stuff! Thanks for sharing Rafael!!! We are waiting for more exclusive shots from you.

    WOW! You are going to Phuket? BON VOYAGE!

  7. Anonymous30/7/10 20:22

    Enjoy your Phuket trip :)

  8. Thanks San, don't need to jealous of me lar, you also went many nice places and great shots!
    Hope can take some nice shot on the next trip!

  9. Thanks Alex and all the fans of A Malaysian Photography And Travel Blog!
    I will share more pictures of Shanghai when I come back!

  10. Thanks Mei Teng, I hope the Phuket trip will be nice and can take some nice shots to share here!

  11. Anonymous30/7/10 21:01

    So which is favourite pavilion at the Expo?
    You are going to Phuket soon?
    That's good, I haven't been back to that island since I was a little boy!
    Ha ha... I love Thailand a lot.
    I have been to quite a lot of countries. Thailand is right next to Malaysia and I love it so much! Ha ha... So strange!?

  12. Actually I didn't went much pavillions, because many of them have a long queue...
    I went to a exhibition centre next to the China pavillion, I quite like it!
    I only went to Bangkok sometimes before, so I'm looking forward for this Phuket trip!
    Malaysia is a Beautiful country, I visit there lots of times already,
    like KL, JB, Pinang, Langkawi, Sabah, etc...
    I think Thailand have something attractive for you, right?
    This relation is like HK and Macau...

  13. An expo big. What a wonderful video, photos and more ..! What colors! I liked the video that you've assembled, have fun on your vacation and I hope your pictures here.

  14. 成日去旅行 真係幸福 a_a

  15. Thanks Wersemei, I will put some more pictures after my vacation!

  16. Thanks Kay, I was waiting for these holidays for long time lar! ^^

  17. Anonymous31/7/10 12:27

    正....好正....影片都玩埋...勁! 幾時教我呀. : )

  18. OK ar, I can teach you, but who are you ar? @_@

    (Are you Ricky? because I saw you like the link in facebook...)

  19. A show of photographs. My eyes thank you once again. Amazing!

  20. Thanks tossan, I'm glad that you like it!

  21. YES, 係我....等我學好d影相後再請教你...拍片..thx

  22. Cool! I get to see the Expo here instead of waiting in the lines there. Is that the South Pacific dancers in your first video clip? Have a great trip to Phuket! :)

  23. Ciao Rafael, a great and interesting event!

    Happy holidays!

  24. To Ricky,
    力奇你D相越來越好呀, 拍片都好好玩架!
    不過後期製作要花好多時間, 可以專心學影相先!

  25. Thanks micki,
    Yes, have many long queues specially in those europe pavillion,
    so I took some night shots outside!
    Actually I visited the Newzealand, Pacific Islands and World Trade Centre pavillions...
    Besides that have two big Expo Centre in front of the China pavillion,
    that's the one I like most, of course don't need to queue!
    The dance show were Samoan from Pacific Islands!

  26. Ciao Sciarada! Thanks for visiting,
    I already came back from the trip,
    hope can share more photos later!

  27. 你我SLIDESHOW 比世博更精彩!

  28. Your hotel room has amazing view and you have exploited it to the maximum level. The views are fantastic in the day and the night shots are fabulous and breathtaking. I also like the way you have experimented with the zoom in a couple of shots with long shutter speeds...Thomas

  29. Thanks Thomas and Shilpy, I'm flattered with your compliments!

    I was lucky to have that amazing view in the hotel room,
    I'm glad that you like the effects use for the night shots!

  30. hahaha just saw this post now...well nice clip of the expo!!! awesome :) wish i was there >< i went to aichi 2006 world expo in nagano, japan... too bad couldnt go to shanghai this time ><

  31. Thanks fufu, that's ok because the China
    pavilion will permenent install there,
    I will visit it if I go to Shanghai again!

  32. 睇完個視頻就知你用o左好多心機去整!Good job man...:)

  33. Thanks Norton! 雖然係幾分鐘的視頻, 但真係要花好多時間同心機去整, 最緊要大家喜歡!


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