Rafael's Roma Vacation Episode XII - Eating in Rome

Episode XII

Eating in Rome


我去了一家在我的酒店附近叫做Piccolo Abruzzo的餐廳。當我第一次去那兒,沒有菜單,
接待我的是一個非常酷的女侍應。她首先給我們一瓶水,然後,所有的食物只是一直來 ...

大約消費 40歐元一位。我吃了這麼多的食物已經幾乎不能走路了,

Eating in Rome was a surprise! Even although some of foods were heavy,
others really impressed me, like the chocolate cake I ate for breakfast in the hotel.
Eating in the traditional Italian restaurants around our hotel also give me a big surprise.

I went to a restaurant called Piccolo Abruzzo near my hotel. When I first went there,
there was no menu, and I was served by a very cool looking waitress.
 She first bought us a bottle of water, and then, all the food just kept comming...
and comming and comming! The first course, the second, third, fourth...
all the dishes just kept coming! I was so amazed with all this food and it just kept comming.

Because I didn't order any food I wasn't too sure what I was going to be served. It was a set menu.
 I think I ended up with 10 courses of delicious and hearty Itallian farm style food.
The people who served us were really nice people and each dish was just delicious!
I 'm wondering if it was some traditional Roman feast...I came to this restaurant twice because
 the food was so amazing and I recommend you go and eat there! The price was very reasonable too,
 considering how many courses I ate. I think it costed around 40 Euro for one. I could barely walk after
 eating so much food and it was definitely the best restaurant I ate at while I was in Rome.

pic. 1

The interior of the traditional Italian restaurant called Piccolo Abruzzo

pic. 2

The interior of the traditional Italian restaurants called Piccolo Abruzzo

pic. 3

The first course

pic. 4

Meat and vegetable

pic. 5

Mozzarella cheese

pic. 6

Pesto on bread and a bun topped with tomato and cheese

pic. 7

Bread, cheese, meat and vegetable

pic. 8

Pasta, chick peas and beans

pix. 9 & 10


pic. 11


pic. 12

Roast potatoes

pic. 13


pic. 14

A traditional Italian restaurant called Piccolo Abruzzo

pic. 15

A breakfast in the hotel

pic. 16

Very delicious chocolate cake

pic. 17

A coffee shop near to the Spanish Steps

pic. 18

Some Italian foods - lasagna, Italian pizza and mix vegetables

pic. 19

Nice pasta

pic. 20


pic. 21

The Hard Rock Cafe in Rome

pic. 22

pix. 23 & 24

Sinful Hot Fudge Sundae & Hot Fudge Brownie in the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome

pic. 25

The Legendary Burgers of Hard Rock Cafe

pix. 26 & 27

pix. 28 & 29

pix. 30 & 31


  1. This is my favorite post! I had the same experience as you had in Italy. There was no ending of the serving. All dishes just like your dishes on the photos were so yummy! I ate so much, could not resist to any dish!:) :)

  2. Thanks micki! It was an unforgettable experience for me too,
    so surprise for that meal, the foods were absolutely delicious! ^.^
    I recommend everyone must go to the traditional Italian restaurants if travel in Italy!

  3. Rebecca Wang23/4/10 23:09

    早餐就有好吃的cake, 真是讚啊!

  4. 多謝Rebecca Wang留言, 仲要有好多款式的cakes,
    不過我最喜歡係chocolate cake, 真係太好味! ^.^

  5. Anonymous24/4/10 01:05

    Hmmmm I'm hungry right now!! Italian food is very good!!! Beautiful photos!

  6. Thanks Petra Mafalda, I like those Italian foods very much too! ^.^

  7. 果d火腿我覺得會好咸 a_a
    不過環境好似唔錯 :)

  8. wow u must have enjoyed ur 10-course meal! i love the bread with olive oil ... but when i went to naples last year, i was quite disappointed with the pizza.. coz i thought it would be thin & crispy crusted and tastier.. but the ones i tried were more on the soggy side.. i hear the thin & crispy ones are found only in other parts of italy.

  9. WWow~ 一口氣吃十道菜~ 每位客人都吃這個 set~ 沒有別的選擇嗎?

    吃了這麼多好東西~ 回國後要不要 keep fit ~ ^.^

  10. 如果合味道的話,40歐元,真的超值~

  11. To Kay,
    係呀, 意大利菜係會比較重口味, 可能就係佢地既特色,
    不過我真係好鍾意佢地既chocolate cake, 味道岩岩好, 好好味! ^.^

  12. To lechua,
    Yeah, I really enjoyed that meal! ^.^
    I got a very nice pizza near the Piazza del Popolo,
    it's thin & crispy crusted, really great!
    But the one in the picture isn't that good too,
    that's near to the Trevi Fountain...

  13. To JC,
    其實係每個人的套餐都有少少分別的, 我見女士的套餐會少一點和多點菜同生果的,
    我覺得他們的服務都好細心, 我覺得每次去完旅行都要keep fit啦... @_@

  14. To 魚仔,
    多謝魚仔欣賞照片, 40歐元的確超值, 因為在遊客區食三四道菜已經差不多要這個價錢了...

  15. Anonymous26/4/10 07:20

    Wow, you had a lot of yummy food in Rome!
    My hotel breakfast was very simple. Only one cup of coffee, one orange juice and toasts.

    €40 is actually quite expensive for that set meal.
    In London, you can have very good set meal from £35.

  16. Yeah, the hotel breakfast was really nice! ^.^
    Really? I think London will be more expensive...
    need to ask you some good restaurants if I will visit London!

  17. Thanks Jonathan, I can't read your blog...

  18. 看起來很好吃喔!!!!

  19. 係呀San哥哥, 我最喜歡意大利的蛋糕, 其他可以在澳門食到,
    但咁好咪既蛋糕就搵唔到... 還有意大利芝士都特別好味!

  20. Anonymous30/4/10 02:22

    When I was in Rome, it was hot in the summer.
    I spent a lot of money eating their ice cream!
    Ha ha... So many flavours to choose from.

  21. I also tried the italian ice cream called gelato,
    I saw many people were eating its in Trevi Fountain, very nice! ^.^


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