The Vatican Museums 梵蒂岡博物館 Part II

The Vatican Museums


Part II

The Vatican Museums trace their origin to one marble sculpture, purchased 500 years ago.
The sculpture of Laocoön, the priest who, according to Greek mythology, tried to convince the people
 of ancient Troy not to accept the Greeks' "gift" of a hollow horse, was discovered 14 January 1506,
 in a vineyard near the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Pope Julius II sent Giuliano da Sangallo
 and Michelangelo Buonarroti, who were working at the Vatican, to examine the discovery.
On their recommendation, the pope immediately purchased the sculpture from the vineyard owner.
The pope put the sculpture of Laocoön and his sons in the grips of a sea serpent on public
display at the Vatican exactly one month after its discovery.

The Museums celebrated their 500th anniversary in October 2006 by permanently
opening the excavations of a Vatican Hill necropolis to the public.

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教皇儒略二世派朱利亞諾•達•桑迦洛(Giuliano da Sangallo)和米開朗琪羅去查看發掘成果。


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  1. Magnificent! Photo 1 and 2 are the art pieces on the ceiling too? You have a great powerful zoom lens too!

  2. Thanks micki, yes they are the art painting in the ceiling,
    I only use the Canon 24-70mm L and the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lenses.
    The ceiling isn't very high, so I zoom to 70mm
    is already very close and clear.

  3. 真係好靚 我諗佢地整果陣真係晒左好多時間好心機去整

  4. 係呀, 近幾百年最好既藝術品都可以在梵蒂岡博物館搵到,
    好多藝術作品都花左藝術家一生既心血, 令人感動的博物館...

  5. You have some truly great shots here! And I know how difficult it can be to shot indoors where light can be poor. Great job!

  6. Thanks Zhu, yes it's very difficult to take shots in indoors,
    there have some rooms are really dark,
    I also have some failed shots, need to shot many...

  7. The ceilings are mersmerizing! I bet it feel fantastic standing there looking up.

    By the way, do you need much guidances in Italy? We also plan to visit Italy. Initial plan is to sign up with a tour 'cos I am too lazy to look at maps and where to go etc.

  8. Thanks Ai Shiang, the ceilings in Vatican Museums are really mersmerizing,
    you don't want to walk when you looking at the
    paintings and the carvings...
    I only did some research before I visit Rome,
    depends on how many days you will stay and how
    many cities you want to visit in Italy,
    Rome is everything near and close, the metro system is efficient and I also took the tourist tour bus.
    You can also go from Rome to Napoli and Pompeii.

  9. Good sharing again :) Nice pix~

  10. 梵蒂岡博物館裡的壁畫實在是太美了! 

  11. 係呀San哥哥, 那些壁畫真係好靚好難忘!

  12. great arts and nice shots too..

  13. Thanks for appreciation, man!

  14. Hope you can go to Vatican soon Cheryl-Jiaween! ^.^

  15. Anonymous17/6/10 00:12

    This is truly beautiful!
    Since everything is so delicate, anything you take is going to be amazing!
    But because there are too many beautiful things, sometimes it's hard to single out a special subject among the others.
    Don't you agree?

  16. Thanks London Caller, yes, my eyes, cameras and
    hands are so busy, because everything is beautiful...
    Actually I had some targets, and really need to
    decide what you really want to see before you go there...


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