The Build 4 Asia tradeshow

Asian Building Technologies co-locating with Asian Building Interiors, Asian Elenex and Asian Securitex
 were staged on 2 – 4 June 2010 at the newly-expanded Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
 The perfect partnership of 4 related biennial trade exhibitions attracted 497 exhibitors from 34 countries
 and 11,525 regional buyers at its last edition in 2008 and will continue to provide the ultimate
sourcing platform this year. Display will embrace a cross-section of new technology and equipment
 from across the globe ranging from building automation, building & facility management,
 lighting & interiors, electrical supply, transmission & distribution to security & safety.

Because of work, last Friday, I had to attend an exhibition with two of my work colleagues.
There were many displays there and these are the most interesting ones I photographed that day.

pix. 1 & 2

pic. 3

pix. 4 & 5

pic. 6

pix. 7 & 8

pix. 9 & 10

pix. 11 & 12

pic. 13

pix. 14 & 15

pic. 16

pic. 17

pic. 18

pic. 19

pix. 20 & 21

pix. 22 & 23


  1. That digital photo frame (23) very nice lo :)

  2. Thanks uLi! This exhibition have more products for office and building using...
    so didn't find much interesting stuff, I'm glad you like that photo frame! ^.^

  3. 果d細細架既警車長洲都有 :p

  4. 果D細架警車都幾得意, D車越來越細架幾慳地方...
    個展覽主要係建築材料, 防盜系統, 等等...

  5. Anbiente good music and good photography that I love. It is the best photo blog I visit without a doubt.

    PS: I hope the translator to make my English better for you to understand.

    Um forte e sincero abraço

  6. 這裡好像什麼東西都有, 又有車, 又有3g 的東西!

  7. Thanks tossan, I can understand your english and portuguese,
    I'm grateful to got your compliment!

    Grande abraço ao meu amigo

  8. 係呀San哥哥, 這個係有好多展品貿易交流展,
    有好多東西我都沒有見過, 一些保安系統都幾先進!

  9. Anonymous9/6/10 05:37

    Photo 6 reminded me of Barcelona!! :-)
    I think it's called trencadis?
    I took a lot of it while I was there.

    Photo 9 is a segway?
    They have police segway in HK? Cool!

    Photos 10-12 - They are exactly same as UK version!?!?
    In Malaysia, we also use Blue & Yellow!

  10. You mean it's like Trencadis Mosaics in Park Guell Barcelona?
    I really like the artwork of Gaudi too,
    I near saw all his famous architecture when
    I've been in Barcelona last year!

    As I know they use that segway in airport,
    but I usually see the HK police bikes with
    Red & Blue, never see this Blue & Yellow version...

  11. What is #16? I've been thinking, but can't figure it out... That was a great work fieldtrip!

  12. Thanks micki, the hand ribbon in the pic.16 is for identification,
    I think have a electronic chip inside...

  13. Anonymous9/6/10 22:36

    I like pic #6. Tiled face of a woman?

  14. Thanks Mei Teng, yes it's a tiled woman face,
    there was a large tiles display!


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