Pompeii 龐貝古城 (Part I)

Pompeii 龐貝古城

I had read many stories about the history of the ancient city Pompeii.
I was so keen therefore and ecstatic in having the opportunity to visit it.
We were lucky to have a very funny guide and she showed us all the main sights of Pompeii.
We came at the right time because the rain had just stopped and the sun came out
and we were rewarded with blue skies and white clouds.


pix. 1 & 2

pix. 3 & 4

pic. 5

pic. 6

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pic. 17

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  1. amazing place..nice shoot..

  2. Anonymous21/5/10 22:09

    If I am not mistaken, the city of Pompeii was destroyed by an earthquake isn't? Very blue skies. My kind of skies! :)

  3. Anonymous21/5/10 22:50

    Is that Mt Vesuvius in Photo No 6?

    A while ago, I watched TV programme from BBC called "10 Things about Volcanoes that you don't know" Mt Vesuvius was one the the 10!

    I remember the music in this post!
    It's called Celtic Dream, right?

    I used to do Irish Dance when I did my undergraduate studies in Scotland! We used to practise Irish Dance with this music.
    Have you heard another one called Siamsa from the same album?
    We used that a lot for our dance club too!

    Go to Youtube to check out the dance about Siamsa. It's fun!!!

  4. I think I will feel so small when I place myself in a thousands year old ancient city.. Amazing heritage!

  5. Pompeii... recall it being like a walk in the past. a city excavated out of ashes - i was lucky to have good weather when i visited too with the fluffy clouds and blue sky. your photos are very sharp!

  6. 彷彿有Rafael 的地方就有藍天與白雲~

  7. Anonymous23/5/10 05:49

    Rafael this photos are really beautiful! I love your photos! You always photo passion at that! Continue like this!!!

  8. Thanks to all of you to give me comments! ^.^

    To man,
    Pompeii is really a amazing place, it's really unforgettable!

  9. Thanks Mei Teng,
    Pompeii was destroyed and completely buried during a long catastrophic
    eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius spanning two days in 79 AD.
    I will have a some description about it in the next post!

  10. To London Caller,
    Yes, that's Mt. Vesuvius, a volcano that destroyed the Pompeii city...
    You're right, the song I use is Celtic Dream.
    The Siamsa dance is really funny, very oldie dance...

  11. 多謝JC欣賞,
    我都希望太陽,藍天和白雲一直跟著我! ^.^

  12. Thanks micki,
    I totally agree with you, feel so great with this amazing heritage and human is so fragil...

  13. Thanks lechua,
    I'm glad can recall your memory of Pompeii,
    it's a really magnificent place!
    The pictures are really sharp under the strong sunlight!

  14. To Petra Mafalda,
    Thanks for your appreciation, I will keep working hard with my passion!

  15. 喜歡19,20~

  16. 多謝魚仔欣賞照片, 落完雨出猛太陽, 除左藍天連白雲都好靚! ^.^


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