My dream lens Canon 135mm F2 L

On the 22nd of May I bought my second professional Canon L lens - the 135mm F2 L prime lens.
I am very satisfied with my first L lens, the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L zoom lens. It provides a wide
 angle for landscape shots and it takes very nice portrait shots as well.
 However, I also wanted to have a telephoto lens that could take snap shots of people from a distance.
A zoom lens with a wide aperture is too heavy for me to carry so I have been looking
for lighter but good quality wide aperture prime lenses for nearly 6 months now.
After much research I found that the Canon 135L is one of the top 10 lenses in the world
and it is also one of the top three Canon lenses for taking sharp clear photos!
Therefore I bought one. I found it to be a very good lens for taking portrait shots.
I took many and I was very impressed with the quality of the photos.
The first day I used the 135L, I could feel its fast focus and I could see the sharpness
and clarity of the images. Some of the reviews about the lens commented on this point.

Most of the pictures I took were with the wide-open F2 aperture,
and it creates a fantastic smooth, creamy bokeh in the background.
The sharpness is nearly as good as my Canon 24-70L lens using the wide-open F2.8 aperture.
If you are using the F2.8 aperture the picture is sharper than most of the zoom lenses.
To give you an idea of what I am talking about, some of the pictures I have posted are
the original ones with the same pictures cropped. As you can see the pictures are very sharp
 and clear and I don’t think therefore that I need a zoom lens under 200mm.

在5月22日我買了我的第二支佳能專業L鏡頭 - 135mm F2 L 定焦鏡頭。我很滿意我的第一支L鏡頭,
佳能24-70mm F2.8 L變焦鏡頭。它提供了一個廣角的景觀,以及很好的人像照片。

清晰度幾乎和我的佳能24-70L 變焦鏡頭在F2.8光圈時一樣的好。如果您使用的是F2.8光圈,

pic. 1

pic. 2

pic. 3

pic. 4

pic. 5

大澳, 香港
 Tai O, Hong Kong

pic. 6

pix. 7 & 8

pic. 9

pic. 10

pic. 11

pic. 12

pic. 13

pic. 14

pic. 15

pic. 16

pic. 17


  1. Anonymous28/5/10 22:54

    wow...another L series lens! I love the cat portrait.

  2. Thanks Mei Teng, I will take more cats with this lens...
    and of course some cute kids too! ^.^

  3. Wah!!! Very rich ar....heheheh! The photos quality superb!! Bravo~

  4. Thanks uLi, I save money for this lens for a long time already lar... @_@
    The photos quality are excellent, very impressive!

  5. 好靚:) 單車同第16張都好有feel :p

  6. Thanks Kay, 我自己都好鍾意單車果張!

  7. Impressive 135mm prime lense! The ones you cropped really look like were taken by a telephoto lense, have the same or even better quality! Great choice, and you don't need to carry a heavy telephoto lense!

  8. Thanks micki, the 135L photos quality is really impressive,
    I think it's way more better than 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM I in wide open aperture!
    If I use F2.8 will be near to 70-200 F2.8 L IS USM II and the bokeh 135L is still nicer! ^.^

  9. 這支lens 真的很棒~

  10. Anonymous29/5/10 17:34

    I need to buy a good camera body first.
    Before I can think of the lens.
    My stupid camera cannot take good quality pictures
    like yours... :(

  11. Anonymous29/5/10 23:20

    Hi dear!!! The second pic is very interesting!!! I liked all these!! Great job...

    Answering your question, if I understand .... The man was just walking but he wasn't going to the boat!

  12. no doubt..excelent quality of lens..

  13. To San,
    135L 真的很棒, 充滿驚喜的鏡頭!

  14. Thanks London Caller,
    You probably need a new camera, you can also ask San about camera...

  15. Thanks Petra Mafalda,
    The pic.2 was the test pic I took in the shop,
    I kept it because is really interesting!

  16. Thanks man,
    Yeah, 135L is a perfect lens for me!

  17. So clear,,, so close,,, so personal,, so focus,, lots of memory,, lots of meaning there. I love all of ur photos Rafael... I believe ur gonna reach what ur dream and become a great artist!

    I enjoyed being here..

  18. Thanks for your great blessing Diah,
    I also give you the best wishes!

  19. ooh... how exciting. was just wondering how come u din get the 70-200mm ... that's alot heavier eh. but i see ur point now. on being ablt to crop your photo. u can do lots of candid street photography now... and spying too oh dear haha..

  20. Thanks lechua! Yeah, the 70-200 is heavier and
    exaggerate for taking pictures in the street,
    135 prime lens is more convenient to carry and
    I believe the image quality is better!

  21. 請問變焦鏡同定焦鏡有什麼分別呢?

  22. 變焦鏡頭係可以在一定範圍內放大縮小,
    即係用一支鏡頭就可以ZOOM IN同ZOOM OUT,
    18-50mm 就可以影wide angle至中距離,
    70-200mm 就可以由中距離變焦至200較遠距離...

    而定焦鏡頭就每一支只有一個焦距, 唔可以變焦把影像放大縮小,
    還有85mm人像鏡等等... 而定焦鏡成像會比變焦鏡好,

  23. Anonymous3/8/10 14:25

    wow nice pictures man, i think i need to buy that toy too! keep it up!

  24. Thanks! The Canon 135L is the lens I like most,
    but be careful this is more suitable for advance user...


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