Bangkok Summer Holidays

I went to Bangkok for my summer holidays!

I'm glad that I can visit Grand Palace on this trip,

that is the most important attraction that I missed in Bangkok.

I also went to the Siam Ocean World in Siam Paragon, it's amazing!

Another surprise for me is the dinner in Sirocco (The Doom) of Lebua at State Tower!

There have the most impressive city view that I ever seen!

I will share all the photos soon, first I will show you the city view of Bangkok!

pic. I

Very cute doggie sculpture in front of Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

pic. II

This is the famous 'grass brownie' that I found in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, by chance!

To know more about their product you can go to their website:

pic. III

MBK shopping centre

pic. IV

pic. V

pic. VI

pic. VII

The sculpture in Chong Nongsi Sky Train Station

pic. VIII

pic. IX

A Bangkok city sunset view from my hotel room (Anantara Bangkok Sathorn)

pic. X

pic. XI

pic. XII

A Bangkok city night view from my hotel room

pic. XIII

pic. XIV

pic. XV

This photo was over exposure, but I find out it's quite beautiful!


  1. 照片拍得真好看

    1. 謝謝山哥哥欣賞!
      做法有點似拉爆, 好開心你喜歡!

  2. Welcome back!
    Ah you went to Bangkok?
    I love Bangkok, nice food, friendly people and beautiful places.

    I went to Southern Italy last month.
    You can come and see my photos here:

    1. Hi London Caller!
      Yeah, Bangkok is a nice place for travel!

      I went to your website already,
      Southern Italy is so beautiful!
      May be I need to travel Italy more times...
      Hope can live in Europe like you!

  3. Ciao Rafael, I always like to travel with you and enjoy your pictures!
    Have a good day!

    1. Ciao Sciarada! Gracias!
      I hope you have a nice day
      and a nice weekend too!

  4. Come and visit Europe again.
    I am sure you will like Southern Italy.
    But it was very hot when I was there last month.
    So which is your favourite Italian city from my trip?
    I quite like Matera - I spent a week there!
    It's a World Heritage Site too.
    You can google Matera to see why. :)

    1. I'm quite like Matera too!
      I saw a documentary show about this ancient city before...
      Another place I want to visit is Venice,
      because I've heard Venice will be under the water in
      the few decades... btw it's a very beautiful city!

  5. There are many reasons that bring me to your blog. Mainly
    a taste for photography and excellent photos here meeting
    with well devised technique, care and sensitivity.
    Um forte abraço

    1. Thanks for your compliments Mr.Tossan!
      I'm feeling ashamed so I will work hard in photopraphy!

  6. 曼谷是個高密度的城市,用廣角鏡拍出來很有張力,很美。。。

    1. 謝謝Daniel兄欣賞! 城市夜景是我喜歡拍攝的題材之一,
      其實還在Lebua拍攝了另外一些夜景, 希望有機會可以放上來跟大家分享!

  7. Oh I love Venice a lot too.
    When I finished my university in Scotland.
    My Italian friends invited me to visit them in Northern Italy.
    So I went to visit them about a year after university (because of work, I couldn't see them earlier).
    It was a very good trip, I actually stayed with them - like a proper Italian homestay.
    They took me to see most cities in Northern Italy like Milan, Brescia, Lake Garda, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Seina, Venice, and many more~
    And I love them all!!!

    Italy is a beautiful country!

    1. Your trip in Northern Italy sounds great!
      Really need to visit there, but I'm a bit worry the budget
      if I visit all these cities... and it will be a big project for me...

    2. Ha... Do you have any Italian friends?
      They are very friendly people. Maybe that can help you. :)

      I would like to visit Naples next time.

    3. I don't have Italian friends... but I can organize it by myself...
      I was lucky I've been to Naples and Pompeii from last trip to Italy!
      I like very much of Pompeii, it was amazing! Here are the blogs about it:

  8. Lovely series of images. The fisheye compositions are outstanding.

    1. Thanks Thomas S Anand! I also like the night shots with the fisheye lens,
      it makes a lots of difference of view, specially the city view look spectacular with wild angle!


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