Sanya - Wonderful Night


還有入夜後建築物的燈光非常漂亮, 我也拍了很多照片!

中餐廳, 西餐廳, 亞洲風味餐廳和沙灘酒吧, 入夜後都變格外吸引!

Night in Sanya has all kinds of tasty food. Eat and drink in the hotel was really comfortable.

There are beautiful lights at night from the buildings, I also took many pictures!

The Chinese, Western, Asia cuisine restaurants and beach bar are even more attractive at night!

pic. 1

The Intercontinental Sanya Resort at night

pic. 2

The Chinese restaurant in the resort

pic. 3

Very comfortable to walking in the resort at night

pic. 4

The bridge go through to the Chinese restaurant

pic. 5

Outside of the Chinese restaurant

pic. 6

The interior of the Chinese restaurant

pic. 7

The aquarium inside of the Chinese restaurant

pic. 8

Some tasty Chinese food

pic. 9

The ceiling of the Chinese restaurant

pic. 10

Have many aquarium inside the Chinese restaurant

pic. 11

Another aquarium

pic. 12

A Crab in the aquarium

pic. 13

This is the Club InterContinental Restaurant, where we had breakfast and afternoon tea

pic. 14

The club restaurant was very beautiful at night

pic. 15

The Asia cuisine restaurant at night

pic. 16

The Serenity Pool at night

pic. 17

The Mediterraneo restaurant at night

pic. 18

The Mediterraneo restaurant at night

pic. 19

Another side of the Mediterraneo restaurant at night

pic. 19

Another side of the Mediterraneo restaurant at night


pic. 21

The Beach Bar at night

pic. 22

Very beautiful lights in the Beach Bar


  1. 照片給我的感覺...很寧靜 :) good

  2. 很美的魚眼效果

  3. Thanks FuFu, 入夜後拍照的確是令一種感覺! ^^

  4. 謝謝San哥哥欣賞! 我還要學習...還是未到達你的拍攝技巧和水準吧! ^^

  5. These pictures are STUNNING - My favourite is nr. 1 - A perfect night-picture

    Well done


  6. That's such a lovely restaurant!
    I am so hungry now after looking at your photos!
    The night view is stunning.

  7. Thanks Tommy Andre Nekkoy!
    I'm glad that you like these night pictures!

  8. Thanks London Caller, I think you'll like
    these delicious chinese food!

  9. Anonymous19/5/11 22:23

    Very beautiful and seems delicious food.
    I want to swim in this pool with my daughters.

  10. Rafael, these are outstanding, I am always impressed with your night shots both here and ones that you have taken previously, they are the amazing. Nice use of your lenses again which gives it a unique flavour ... as does the food (fabulous restaurants) ... shame I've just eaten, haha !! Always a pleasure visiting your page. Regards to you, J
    PS Nice music by the way

  11. Thanks cocomio! Yeah the food are delicious,
    and the pool are really very nice!

  12. Thanks J! I'm glad for your compliments!
    I will keep working for photography and this blog!

  13. beautiful capture,i felt as if i was there. you capture the night shots amazingly.

  14. Thanks Lily Riani! I really like taking night shots,
    always can get amazing results!

  15. You inspire me to do night too. Spectacular photos!

  16. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the world is through your pictures!

  17. Thanks Baraçal-press! I'm glad that you like these night shots!

  18. Thanks Book! I'm glad for your compliments, I will keep working!


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