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The Academy of Athens (Greek: Ακαδημία Αθηνών) is Greece's national academy,

and the highest research establishment in the country. It was established in 1926,

and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

The Academy's main building is one of the major landmarks of Athens.

The organization of the Academy of Athens, whose title hearkens back to the ancient Academy of Plato,

was first established on 18 March 1926, and its charter was ratified by the law.

This charter, with subsequent amendments, is still valid and governs the Academy's affairs.

According to it, the Academy is divided into three Orders:

Natural Sciences, Letters and Arts, Moral and Political Sciences.

The main building of the Academy is a neoclassical building between Panepistimiou Street and Akadimias Street

in the centre of Athens. The building was designed as part of an architectural "trilogy" in 1859 by the Danish

architect Theophil Hansen, along with the University and the National Library.

Funds had been provided by the magnate Simon Sinas specifically for the purpose, and the foundation stone was

laid on 2 August 1859. Construction proceeded rapidly, after 1861 under the supervision of Ernst Ziller,

but the internal tumults during the latter years of King Otto's reign, which resulted in his ousting in 1862,

hampered construction until it was stopped in 1864. Works resumed in 1868, but the building was not completed

until 1885, at a total cost of 2,843,319 gold drachmas, most of it provided by Sinas, and, after his death,

by his wife Ifigeneia. The sculptures were undertaken by the Greek Leonidas Drosis, while the murals

and paintings by the Austrian Christian Griepenkerl.

On 20 March 1887, the building of the "Sinaean Academy", as it was called, was delivered by Ziller to the Greek

Prime Minister, Charilaos Trikoupis. In the absence of a national Academy, the building was used for housing

the Numismatic Museum in 1890, and in 1914 the Byzantine Museum and the State Archives. Finally, on 24 March 1926,

the building was handed over to the newly-established Academy of Athens.

(Information from Wekipedia)
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The main building of the Academy of Athens, one of Theophil Hansen's "Trilogy" in central Athens.

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  1. 拍得好好看~

  2. 一面欣赏照片,一面听着美妙的意大利歌曲,

  3. How nice! You've been travelling and seeing the world so often :o)

  4. Great detailed and well composed photos Rafael. You have made extremely good use of the angles in pic 14 and it seems to work particularly well. It's nice to see that the planners of that time had the sensitivity to construct something appropriate and sympathetic to the city, which has now become a historical building in it's own right. Thanks for the research into the interesting history.

  5. 多謝San哥哥欣賞照片! 能夠遇上好天氣真的很幸運,

  6. Hellonini太客氣了, 我多謝妳來欣賞照片才對!
    這首應該是希臘文歌曲, 真的好像意大利文!

  7. Thanks Ai Shiang! Because I love travel and photography,
    that was my last X'mas holidays, so lucky!

  8. Thanks J! I'm glad for your compliments,
    I also appreciate their architect and historical
    This is one of the architectural trilogy designed by architect Theophil Hansen,
    that's really amazing!

  9. Not only your technique that I like but the magic of the klic. Magnificent!

  10. 好似去左古代咁 好靚啊haha

  11. Thanks tossan! I'm always flattered by your words!

  12. 係呀Kay, 現在真係好靚... 真係經典的西方建築!

  13. What a gorgeous day you had there! Beautiful images with beautiful sky! They all look like postcards to me! :)

  14. I missed this building when I was there!
    Ha ha... I guess I have to go back and visit Athens again. ;)

  15. Thanks micki! I'm glad that you like these photos!

  16. Hi London Caller, is so convenient to live in London!
    Hope you can visit Athens soon!

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    主要看妳需要拍那樣的題材, 去旅行都係天涯鏡比較方便!
    當然70-300mm的品質會比天涯鏡好, 而且價錢不算十分貴...

  19. 嘈媽媽6/3/11 22:45

    我平時就吾係經常遠攝,只係有時個女表演同比賽時都離我好遠,支天涯鏡吾夠影大頭!! 據你所知,70-300mm係咪已經在出500D的時候就已經有?? 如果係的話, 我就應該係買呢枝啦!! 若我在日常生活用70-300又會吾會影越近0既野就越吾好?? 吾好意思....問左你咁多問題,因我真係吾識但又好想搵人請教一下!! 請見諒!!

  20. 嘈媽媽唔洗客氣啦, EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM Zoom 大約賣HKD$4,580, 已經出左好幾年,
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    我本身無這支鏡, 妳可以看看下面的用家心得:
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  21. Yes, it's easy to visit Mainland Europe from London.
    It only takes about 3 hours to fly to Athens. ;)

    But I actually prefer to travel by Eurostar.
    It's faster and easier.
    You should try it when you come to London next time.
    From London to Paris, only 2 hours by train.

  22. 嘈媽媽8/3/11 22:18

    咁其實如果同18-200mm係差吾多的話, 那麼買回來又好似作用不大0番....如何好呢?? anyway....你比我個網址好有用, 真係好多謝你,不過吾睇都吾知, 原來70-300mm係有幾種的,仲以為係得一種....hehe....^^

  23. To London Caller,
    I will try Eurostar when I visit Europe next time
    and sure will ask you some suggestion specially London!
    London and Paris may be are my next destination!

  24. 係呀嘈媽媽, 鏡頭有時會令人花多眼亂架,
    有時間慢慢睇, 唔洗咁急決定買邊支,
    所以我都未買長鏡, 哈哈! @_@

  25. Majastic shots! Love your pictures :)

  26. Thanks Horsoon! I'm glad that you like these pictures!


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